Is it bad that I want abilities to be like a 1% drop from monsters? make it actually exciting to get a new spell and the longevity of them all. Yes we'd have to farm a lot. Or have the monsters give so much less knowledge that you'll have to farm them a lot more to get the acquired ability.


    @Denyde The idea is to reduce grinding not increase it 🙂 Other than that, I think they're system is good, and we should have a whole sleugh of different kinds of mobs to hunt down for collecting new and interesting abilities.


    I’m new to the community so maybe I sound dumb, but with the reduction of grinding I hope they can fill that void with something fun. As it stands now most MMOs are a grind until end game, whether it be questing or mob killing. Followed by the grind of raids or dailies or whatever. They’re basically a second job, so I’m really excited when a developer says they’re going after the grind specifically. But worry because that’s 90% of MMOs, what’re they gonna fill that space with? Without the grind you’re at the end game, and that’s when a lot of MMOs fizzle as well.


    @Vidrik That has definitely been the topic of discussion a few times. The lack of loot drops means no need for grinding mobs except it does sound like gold has been added to humanoids. When exploration/knowledge tree is the main key to stuff to do that will run dry fast on hardcore players. They are going to need to introduce server events to keep people busy and having fun. They can't leave it to players to run these either because players do not have the tools to pull them off right. Devs are going to need to do stuff weekly/monthly or people will get bored.



    Taking into account that one of the pillars of Fractured is to eliminate grind from the scene and focus on what they call "horizontal progression", I don't think that this type of character reward and empowerment mechanics is something compatible.

    This leads us to ask ourselves, how are they going to keep the most dedicated players busy?

    The answer in my opinion would be to have a variety of frequent and interest-generating activities that are not repetitive or become a long-term way of getting an exclusive reward.

    An interesting challenge that they will have to face if they really want to maintain that fundamental pillar that differentiates them from the rest of what already exists in the market...

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