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    Hey boys I just read some of the info available on the wiki well there are some things not added from the last test and there are also some minor things wrong if I'm not mistaken

    Just some examples of things not added
    Info on the
    Big Ents
    little seedlings
    and new beast such as the ( ngl I blanked on their name the hyena looking things down in death valley)
    I was also thinking of adding the actual locations from on the map and just adding some of the beasts commonly found their also the map that's there now for myr is not the same as the map that's in alpha 1 so we should post a map of what the map looks like now. In all honesty, I would love to do all this stuff by myself but I don't have screenshots of any of the new monsters completed knowledge sheet
    Wiki's are ever-changing I should not be seeing the same info from like two or three tests ago ( I know that's an exaggeration lol) srsly though guys go get your cool points and add stuff

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    I guess you mean this:
    Big Ents - Treant
    little seedlings - Sproutling
    Golems - Earth Elemental, Greater Earth Elemental
    hyena looking thing might be Warg


    @GorTavaro they are definitely Wargs 🙂

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