Recruiting error and other Foundation stuff

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    I don't think I'm getting credit for all recruits I send through.

    Specifically, I know I recruited my 'sister' StormBug, and we've both emailed about the fact she's not listed as one of my recruits. She recently hit Lv 40 in the foundation, and I'm at 78 right now. Can this please be addressed.

    Other foundation issues I think you might want to look into, is auto-updating of titles for the forum. Spectre had to manually add me to the Envoy group, but I'm now an Emissary, and I'm closing in on Legate. If I have to be manually added every time I get a new foundation title, it seems tedious for you moderators when the system should be automated. I know I have to manually activate my titles in my profile, because I can choose which one I post under of those I've earned, but it would be nice to see the ones I've earned all available to choose from. This is also true in my Foundation Profile, not just my Forum profile. My foundation profile still has me listed as a Messenger, with no ability to change it.

    Other than that, I'm having a blast playing! I stream when I Alpha test too to try and get the word out to as many as possible about this game, it has me super excited!

    Anyone interested in watching my stream, once we go live with the next test, it's at and you can search GamerSeuss on YouTube to find recordings of my streams too!

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    @GamerSeuss Hello, I know I'm not related to Dynamight and this is not a response you're looking for but let me chime in here.
    I think that it's possible that something went wrong when your sister was creating her account and it simply was not created via your referral link in one way or another. I am yet to hear devs doing something about these situations but seeing as not that much gain any attention in the first place one wouldn't really be surprised to hear that.
    About the title thing though, before the forum update they were nice and automated just like you suggested but my best guess is that it broke somehow when we got the new servers for the forum.
    And the foundation hero page titles have never been interactable in the first place, they are not that public either so I would just forget about it 😉

    With that being said I really do hope that you get that stuff figured out, have fun 😄


    @GamerSeuss do you see your sisters account under the list of your recruits?

    The Foundation -> My Recruits

    If you do not see her there, then it means she didn't follow your link correctly when creating an account, and it wasn't created as refferal. In this case, there is nothing to do about it.

    If you do see her (and some others), check what level they are (those that you do see in that list), and check if in those friends count for points. For example if you have 3 friends (from that list) over level 20, you should have 300 points there.

    It is quite possible that you send your refferal link to your friends, but they didn't follow that link, but instead simply gone to Fractured main page and created their accounts in "plain way". If that's the case, there is nothing to be done about it.

    So first thing, go check list of your recruits and see who you see there. 🙂 Do you actually have friends who correctly made accounts using your link.

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    @Gothix she is not listed as a Recruit, AND I know for a fact that she went to Fractured via my referral link to sign up. She has also contacted the devs herself and they said to her in response that it was a known issue some people were having and that they were working to fix it, so who knows.

    I am unsure if any of my other friends signed up via my link and I'm just not getting credit for them, as they come over from my facebook feed when I announced I was streaming Fractured testing, but that's fine, but my sister is one I'm absolutely sure of.

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