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    Those of us who regularly stream our sessions of Fractured should share our streams in a central place (like this post) and then when we go live, we can hop over here and post as well, and support each others' streams.

    This will increase the number of Fractured Streams that reach Affiliate status, thus allowing them to then get subscribers. Imagine all the Fractured Stream Subscriptions out there and how it will look for promoting this game towards its eventual release.

    I stream Fractured when there's a playtest going on my own Twitch channel:

    as people add streams, if I'm able, I'll come into this post and edit it with new streams so a central list is created!


    would be great if ur vídeos were posted here. Ill watch for sure


    should be a directory for the game.

    hit the search bar, we should have a post already.

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