City Claiming Has Launched

  • DymStudios - CEO

    It’s live, and it’s not just a website game: you can start Alpha 2 – Test 3 being already a citizen or the governor of a town! Surprise!

    Also, the launch of Alpha 2 - Test 3 has officially been postponed to July, more community management is coming and missed foundation titles are being restored.

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    Enjoy Fractured!


    OOh can't wait for the city wars too start happening lol


    Thank you much again for your honest statements 🙂
    SpecThor congratulation to more work! 😉
    But you know, we love you, we try not to be your personal Abyss 💕

    Very curious about the next Phase, i am almost sure, i will spend most time in the town.

  • For those interested in the Aristocrat pack.


    When it comes to city density, our plan in the days of Kickstarter was to have 30-40 spots per continent. We soon realized that wasn’t enough and changed the structure of cities to be able to fit way more in the same landmass.

    As of today, the continent of Myr features 121 city areas – that’s 4 times as planned! Because of that, we can safely release a few additional Aristocrat packs.

    The option is not available on the Fractured Store, since re-implementing it would be quite cumbersome, so please reach out to if you’re interested in upgrading your pledge to Aristocrat.

    Design your custom, unique Guild Crest

    Construction Plan for an exclusive “Founder Castle”

    Custom painting of your character to be displayed in your home

    Special Ghost Butler pet companion

    Exclusive Aristocrat Armor Skin and Horse Armor Skin

    Invitation to the Fractured launch party (travel not included)

    Official Dynamight Studios shirt, signed by all team members

    Access to private monthly video Q&A chat with the developers

    Unique forum title: “Aristocrat”

    Unique in-game title: “Aristocrat”

    Emerald forum badge

    Emerald in-game avatar badge


    50 units

    Not sure what the pricing is, or if there is anything added/removed from it.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    It is good to know that 15 was the minimum and not the limit for large towns. I was worried about having to camp while watching my guildmates enjoy their town.


    Awesome, all around good news.


    @Zori it used to be 1000euro


    Take all the time you need. Better have a good, solid foundation that performs well than having to redo and restructure code later down the road. You're not in a rush (yet), to use the opportunity well 😉


    It's good to see that we are going for the next phase. Thanks for this and good luck on the last bumps for this test !


    Continue to enjoy seeing you guys put stuff together. Really shaping up.



    The word "Specter" means "ghost".... The Aristocrat pack includes a special GHOST butler companion....

    Will the special ghost companion be modeled after @Specter ?!?!?! 👻 👻 👻 👍 👍

  • Man the jump from governor to aristocrat is just too much for my pockets, I'm fine with upgrading from immortal to governor since that's just another hundred euros, but five hundred euros is really just too much. Is there any way to just consider releasing more governor packs instead of only aristocrat packs?

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    WTB a concrete date on the test!


    @Szai said in City Claiming Has Launched:

    WTB a concrete date on the test!

    More luck if you pay a fortune teller, then WTB it here 😇


    I'm interested in hearing from players about city building, upkeep and management. What kinds of buildings and npcs are available to a city player manager? Details when you guys start doing this stuff 🙂


    As I am not sure how much time I can be around this upcoming playtest, I just joined one already claimed. At least I can learn a bit, so I can host one myself hopefully next test.


    How many slots did a large/small city provide again? And can more people than the number of possible slots sign up for a city on the website?

  • Wiki Editor

    I don't remember any limit on how many people can live in the city. It wouldn't even make much sense since people can live together in one house to save space/resources/time. City is limited by place: Plenty of town areas exist on each planet with the average size of a town spot being 256m2. This is large enough to support 100 - 200 buildings of a medium/large guild. You need minimum number of players to found the city, that is the number you see on website.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @Logain said in City Claiming Has Launched:

    How many slots did a large/small city provide again? And can more people than the number of possible slots sign up for a city on the website?

    There is no fixed number of slots, the amount of citizens a town can have depends on the number of personal land parcels you have placed in it. A 2x2 parcel raises the cap by 2 citizens, a 3x3 by 3, a 4x4 by 4.

    The numbers you see on the web page (5, 15) are the minimums required to start a city (yeah, that's a bit confusing).


    So with respect to the previous test where we were able to build a home and put crafting tables in it (and a fireplace of course). Outside of these items, is there anything extra in this launch that we can expect or that you can provide us? I.E. different or more crafting options/tables? More enchanting items?
    Also, with respect to the map, will the resource fields be active? I chose my town based on the resource fields outlined in the updated map with the expectation I'd be able to farm those areas.
    Looking forward to the test launch so any details you can share will be welcome for pre-planning.

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