Prelude - Religious Pantheon


    Please note this post is purely theorycraft and done purely for entertainment!


    Alignment - True Neutral

    In the beginning Elysium was ruled by all 6 gods of the now fractured world in harmony. Elysium ruled as the divine father along side his two wives Nelena and Iridia. Although he loved all his children he did slightly favour his human children mothered by Iridia. Their constant curiosity and creative innovation due to their lack of physical or magical inherent strength intrigued Elysium greatly.

    Unfortunately those we love most often disappoint us the most and the events of the fracture lead to Elysium abandoning his golden children and settling on Arboreus taking with him his primal presence. Despite all of this a father's love is never lost and he frequently answers the distant prayers of those humans most faithful and his even been known to reach as far as Tartaros.

    Alignment - Chaotic Good

    Nelena wife of Elysium, mother of Tyros, Babilis and Beastmen as first wife she inhabits the largest planet of Arboreus. Covered in lush bouquets of forests and precious crystal received by Elysium as an attempt to apologize for the actions of his human children having destroyed their original planet. Not overly fond of Elysiums younger wife Iridia due to her lack of discipline Nelena allows Iridia's children on Arboreus mostly to appease Elysium however this is normally only for as long as Nelena patience lasts depending on how well behaved they are.

    Alignment - Neutral Good

    Second wife of Elysium, mother of Galvanos and the once favored humans. Protective of her children she resided on Syndesia along with her first child Galvanos and her human offspring. Since the events leading to the fracture she has lost some favour with Elysium trying to regain it by means of being the most accommodating wife allowing all to visit Syndesia.

    Alignment - Lawful Good

    Son of Elysium and Nelena, Tyros lives with his mother on Arboreus, a stereotypical oldest child he strives for perfection and often attempts playing parent to of his siblings much to the disdain of his sister Babilis. Tyros has a natural hatred for those that inhabit Tartaros blaming them for influencing his youngest inexperienced divine sibling with chaos and corruption.

    Alignment - Chaotic Neutral

    Middle son of Elysium's and half brother to Babilis and Tyros. Without the rights of being oldest or privilege of being the youngest Galvanos spent most of his time in the pursuit of knowledge. He shares a planet with his youngest siblings. Galvanos often attempts to share what he's had learn with human but much like Prometheus' flame he is often surprised at how they decide to use this knowledge. He is both keeper of magic and invention.

    Alignment - Chaotic Evil

    Babilis is the only daughter of Elysium and youngest of the divine children as such a lot of what Babilis does is overlooked by he father. She holds little regard for her mother Nelena's opinion finding her old fashioned and resentful at allowing her father to take another wife. Babilis often seeks attention by means of attempting dark rituals with the inhabitants of Tartaros or those few that appreciate the darkness on Syndesia. She hates both her overbearing brother and the beastmen runts that she thinks gets too much attention because they have one overrated primal ability her father bestows on them because of guilt.

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