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    Question. The Q&A mentioned cities and rankings for higher tear crafting stations. With that said a solo player or very small group/guild lets say 2-3 people. If they choose to only live in house plot outside cities... Will they be able to upgrade their crafting stations for better gear?

    Just wondering how a solo or small small group will be able to have same gear etc as cities and big cities since governor's choose what can use crafting stations.


  • I too was curious about this, myself being a solo player i dont have a group and am curious how i can maintain an equal playing field if i dont have access to the same crafting stations. I get working in groups is obviously much more efficient however, it would suck if i was locked to certain tier due to my preferences.

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    @Wika @Laif You won't be able to upgrade the crafting tables on a personal plot. Advanced crafting will only happen in the towns. So I guess you'll have to befriend a town then or maybe start a small town yourself. 😉 You can also buy advanced gear of course.


    I had pretty much the exact same idea at first, living in the middle of nowhere. I had someone contact me to join them in the town and I pretty much declined (with respect ofc). We talked about it a couple of times as I thought about if I could still help them without being part of the town itself and we basically came to the conclusion of that I would be welcome to freely enter and leave the town as much as I liked, and in return I would gather materials and help anyone that may pass my plot in their travels with slaying some creatures that i would then loot for materials to trade.

    Unfortunately, the person that envisioned the town, which was called Duath, @LilCassiopeia has deleted the existance of Duath now, due to some issues he is trying to work out over these next couple of days. Basically, to live as a hermit, you will need to trade goods for services, or goods for money and then money for services (like manufacturing gear). You won't be able to play 100% solo if you want to be able to do everything... (excluding the fact that you wouldn't be trying out city life if that was the case) You will still need to make at least a few connections.

    Also, I believe not all of the content is for solo players. There are a few locations on the map with extremely high mob numbers that would very quickly overwhealm you if you are on your own. There may be a few places where you would want to go in the future, where you need to either hire some people to help you, or be allied with a guild that is willing to have you tag along 🙂 If you are very careful and well prepared, you could probably manage to get a bit of loot if you are solo though.


    @Specter thanks for info. Was wondering cause during the Q&A with Oxford and @Prometheus he stated a solo person could do/craft everything anyone else could and if you wanted you can solo play off by yourself. Just wanted to make sure if that was not true.


    As a hermit, you will rely on gathering, being closer then town folks to raw materials (so you can gather more efficiently the larger amounts), and then traveling with those materials to towns to sell them.

    Then you will have cash, that you can spend on other stuff in towns that you need, including "advanced gear".

    That's the whole point of sandbox. People not having everything, but having something, then traveling trading for other stuff. If you would have everything in one spot, then whats the point.


    @Gothix said in Cities Verse Solo Random House plots:

    That's the whole point of sandbox. People not having everything, but having something, then traveling trading for other stuff. If you would have everything in one spot, then whats the point.

    Just to bring semantics into this, thats not what the point of a sandbox is, a "sandbox" game is about not having any goals apart from the ones you set yourself, what you describe is more like the "open world" aspect of this game 😄 but yeah, thats just me being a little pedantic 😄

    Most games give everything to you on a plate, and thats what i like about this type of game, you have to work for what you have. If you choose the life of a nomad or hermit, you can for sure have a lot of fun with it, but you've got to appreciate that your forcing hard mode on yourself. People in towns are less likely to trust you because your not working to the common goal of the area, your off doing your own thing... something goes missing, guess who's easy to blame even if your no where near the situation. Gathered a lot of resources in your house in the middle of no where? don't be surprised if you have people paying you a visit for some "free" stuff 😄

    If you want the benefits a town brings, your better off living in one, but if the governor doesn't like to share, move to another town. Might be easier said that done but lets face it, a governor who doesn't share is going to struggle because everyone will be leaving them. So i don't think you'll have much to worry about that tbh


    @Wika As governor: i think that if possible i will add some form of public access to more advanced stuff. Until i know more about how things will work out, i hope some guilds will consider joining my town. So we can find out what is possible, what is not, what needs to be changed and what not.


    @Dordolio cool cool man.

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