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    How do I bake bread?
    Many players got stuck on this tutorial quest because they couldn't find the recipe for bread. In order to bake bread you must go to a fireplace first. Click on it and select the cooking button. After that, a cooking UI will pop up. On the left side of this UI, you'll see two tabs. Click on the bottom tab to open the page that contains the recipe for bread.

    How do I cure Necrotic Disease?
    You can cure Necrotic Disease by crafting a Herbal Remedy. You can find the Herbel Remedy recipe in the crafting interface of your character by pressing keybind.

    How do I refill the red (life) bar?
    By resting at a fireplace or campfire.

    How do I obtain gold?
    Gold drops from various humanoid monsters, elementals and undead. Keep in mind that ingame gold is NOT the same thing as Dynamight Tokens. Dynamight Tokens were recently renamed to clear up this confusion.

    How do I claim a personal spot in the open world?
    First you must gather 500 gold. after that, look for the yellow/brown-ish square shaped icons on your minimap (the gray ones are already claimed). Upon approaching one of those "squares", you should be seeing ruins. By clicking on those ruins, you'll be able to claim it.

    How do I change the abilities on my hotbar?
    Rest at a fireplace or campfire and it will open the ability menu where you can swap out abilities and create new presets.

    How do I trade?
    Trading hasn't been implemented yet. However, it's possible to transfer items between characters through the use of public chests. Any chest owned by a player can be set to public. After that, anyone can remove or deposit items.

    Is PvP enabled yet?
    At the moment you can only PvP by joining a militia and killing members of other militias.

    I have 500 gold but I can't claim a plot. Why?
    Claiming a personal plot in the wild costs 1000 gold now, but the UI still says 500 gold.


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