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    First of all let me welcome you to the guide.

    This whole project will consist of my theory crafting about builds and statistics and will be updated during the A2-T3 for the talent skill tree and my thoughts of the balances and how they impact overall pvp gameplay. Keep in mind this guide is mostly targeted to PvP oriented players as it theoritizes mostly pvp scenarios as well as Im doing everything from my memory, assisted by the wiki so some info could be misleading or not viable in this alpha test which I shall update as fast as I will get knowledge on it. This doesn't mean that some of the builds are not viable for pve they will probably just differ in the talent tree.

    Here are some helpful links:

    We are done with the introduction so lets wrap it up into theorycrafting itself and the builds.
    Right now we have 3 basic "classes" in the game ft. melee class, wizard class and the archer class which isnt viable (could be?) right now due to lack of the class' spells.


    Lets start off with my favourite build of the last test which was melee with high dps burst
    Stats should look somewhat like this, but because with the recent addition of movement speed added to dexterity u should consider swapping the inteligence and maxing out the dexterity.(Mostly solo/duo pvp scenario)
    alt text
    We are using a spear of course because during the last test it was the best melee weapon overall.
    For the spells here's my favourite combo with the build:

    alt text

    Attributes and the talent tree:

    • We are maxing STR and CON for getting the pure base hp to the highest amount for survivability.

    • Maxing INT is for pure magic resistance as well as getting enough mana to not run out immediately during encounters.

    • Because perception scales with half of the spells we use you might consider sacrificing dex/some int for maxing perception to spike the dps even higher but in the last test the dps was already onpoint.

    Because this test we are getting our hands on talent tree its not that bad of a situation because Im 99% sure the talent tree will consist of attributes nodes as well so we can balance things by getting the nodes on the tree.

    Spells explanation:

    • Bash, shockwave and word of power:stun (which Im not sure if works with the spear, I actually forgot, if doesnt just replace for another stunning/dps/survi spell) are taken purely for stun purposes and don't have that much dps overall.

    • Frenzy is here to close the gap between magic casters/catch a target running away/escape purposes and it additionaly boosts dps so its very welcome in this setup.

    Enchantments explanation:

    Will update this part because I lost my screenshots of enchantments.

    Quick and basic PvP encounter explanation:

    • Frenzy at the start of the fight to catch up to the target, (or save it for catching the mage caster when he escapes with a blink or something)
    • Stunning with bash gives us opportunity to stack up all the poisons/bleeds with strike dealing massive damage,
    • Add shockwave inbeetween to keep the target in a stun,
    • Continue dps'ing with strikes and add word of power for even longer stunlock,
    • Target dead.



    This is pure theory and not yet tested keep that in mind.
    Even if bows have only 2 skills they might be either really good or really trash.
    This is the build I will be testing during the A2-T3 tomorrow and should update it through the test.

    As always we will start with the base attributes and spell setup:
    alt text

    Because there are only 2 bow spells right now in the game this build can be based only on one thing which is basic attacks from the bow, so we are going to try to max out attack speed and critical chance.

    alt text

    Attributes and the talent tree:

    • Although we are giving up on strength and constitution which gives us lower life pool and endurace as well as reducing our carry weight by half compared to a maxed strength build it's necessary to max out that dex for movement/attack speed, perception for extra crit chance and damage, and charisma for luck which influences overall rng (min-max dmg, crit chance, evading attacks etc.)

    • That carry weight/life/endurance can be balanced out probably with the talent tree

    • Because every main branch of the tree has 14 points overall to spent on as well as 5 additional points every 2 branches in this build we will have minimum 22 points left to spent on the tree to close the gap with low life or mana or the resistances. And because we are going with a bow build which isnt really viable that much yet I bet there wont be this many nodes on the tree benefiting bows which will give us even more remaining points to spent on survivability nodes.

    Spells explanation: (explained in the order as showed on screen from left to right)

    • Enrage and frenzy, boosting our basic attacks dps as well as mobility spells.

    • Net Trap, used for catching targets, helping u escape bad encounters.

    • Power Shot, piercing multiple targets on it's way, has 100% critical strike chance as well as cripples the target (which hard caps the target's dex to 10) used for pure dps/slowing high dex builds?

    • Ricochet, shoots a guided arrow which then continues to bounce between enemies, each bounce reduces damage by 10% and it can't hit the same target again which means the skill is probably useless in small scale pvp.

    • Death Mark, marks the target increasing your accuracy against it as well as damage done, will probably boost damage pretty nice with the scaling of perception.

    • Last slot probably meant for some healing spell? Or maybe a shadow dance? Never had fun with this spell yet so I have no idea how it will synergize with this build but might be worth giving it a try.

    Quick and basic PvP encounter explanation:

    • This build basically is meant to be played in a group, probably atleast of 2? (meaning atleast one melee on the team)
    • Because I have no idea what each node does on the talent tree this build can be either very squishy or pretty bearable in pvp encounters
    • Pretty much always stay away from any melee characters, try to kite with net trap or the mobility spells
    • Try to burst out mages or squishy melees first with your basic attacks setup (AS spells with the basic attacks, and other buff spells if on your kit as well)

    Will update this post with new builds and videos in the recent future.


    • Added death mark explanation to bow build


    • Split up not tested and tested builds into two different posts for more clarity
    • Added bow basic attacks? build
    • Added melee burst build

  • Content Creator

    Nice builds! did you think about using the "Death Mark" skill for the archer build? it is based on your perception (which you will be maxing) and it increase your accuracy and the damage you deal. If i am not wrong, with 20 perception it should increase the damage bz 0.6 which i guess it is 60%:

    and speaking about the Death Mark. Do you think it would be worth to try a warrio melee build like yours but changing the Int stat to Perception and use the death makr to increase your damage and acc? i am curious about it too


    Wait, so u r gonna be a librarian... but u r gonna beat the crap out of everyone? I thought the librarians were supposed to be the friendly ones?

  • Content Creator

    @Xzait who do you think created the "Necronomicon"? Evil Librarians! haha



    It is in the spell setup, forgot to mention it in the explanation probably was too tired and didnt notice it while editing, will fix it right away. And of course I think death mark will be a good choice here.

    You could always try the melee build with death mark but the problem is without the int u will probably run out of mana quickly most of the time if the fight will be longer than expected and from the previous test the dps was already on point and I was able to down a target very fast. No clue how it will perform now after the pvp rebalancing but maybe after the balances it is the right way to go. Will look into it if I have time during test 3 phase.


    I'll be even better, being a librarian and beating the crap out of everyone and on top of that I will be documenting that in my library. 🕶


    @Maras you mean inside of a coffin writer


    Something to think about. ATM there is only 100 att points, Im sure there is supposed to be 120. Might change somethings.

  • Community Manager

    @Oxfurd It's intentional. The devs haven't decided yet on the exact amount of attribute points every race gets.


    @Specter I figured . Alot of people are making builds in general and i want them to know there could be more point in the future 🙂



    So I've played with the bow build for a while now and let me share my experiences.

    Overall the beginning attributes are on point I would say, when you pick up the bow and go to the goblin hills u literally obliterate the goblins with crits, that was a positive experience.

    I would say the bow build in its current state in the early is pretty an amazing starter, mid game? Before u get the abilities (which is literally impossible at the start, if u start on the left side of the map) u will do a crap dps on the ruins, especially skeletons, these little grubs are like 90% immune to arrows.

    After grabbing the spell the dps is so high, u can double dps with the ricochet because u can cancel the animation while attacking so u can basically attack and cast ricochet at the same time.(No clue if it was intended) The penetrating spell with 100% crit chance is obliterating mobs.

    Overall the most comfortable spell setup Im using right now is this
    (From left to right on the bar)
    Power Shot | Ricochet | Net Trap | Word Of Power: Stun | Frenzy | Enrage

    alt text

    About the talent tree, Im still testing some variables and this one for now is the most comfortable

    alt text

    Taking mana regen on the tree gives us permament frenzy buff and infinite amount of mana when u pve literally, inc dmg from bows is an obvious choice with the additional piercing and additional crit bigger nodes. we are taking that +2 dex and extra evasion for more survi and the additional attack speed and movement speed. And the last part the strength branch is pure for more survival, doubling our hp and increasing carrying weight a little? (I dont remember if str actually does that or only con)

    Sorry for this post not looking very eye pleasing but I'm doing this in the middle of playing the game and dont want to waste precious time of grinding.

    Overall the bow build came out very positive, really really good pve clear speed when u have the spells.

    Here is a little overview of the build right now, was a pretty unlucky attempt considering my 25% critical chance and only like one attack criting but it's all good.
    alt text

  • Content Creator

    @Maras amazing! i was literally about to ask you how it was going.

    Did you finally tried the death mark?
    And do you still think the "Luck" stat is important?



    Tried Death Mark, apparently a bow is considered a heavy weapon and u can't use a death mark with heavy weapons so that's a pass.

    Luck affects somehow crit chance, accuracy n stuff but in the current situation I dont think we can use the spare talent points to boost the luck. I might find a talent tree setup that will use all that luck there but without the special bonuses which arent implemented yet its not worth taking it in the tree yet.


    Good info all around, keep it up.

  • Content Creator

    @Maras hey, a few ideas:

    • have you think about changing or adding (dont remember if you have points left) word of power: stun for shockwave? it does damage and should have a shorter CD
    • inspire is another buff (scales with your CHA) you could add (+acc +evasion + fortitude + willpower)
    • which armor do you use? are the mage/leather armor worth? or the 500 evasion we have is already the cap?
    • does the talent which gives 4% crit. chance work? itdoes not replicate in the stats...

  • @ELPerro
    Shockwave does damage and is aoe, but it has a 3m range and short duration. On the other hand, WoP:Stun has a big cooldown. Honestly, I'd rather use WoP:Silence against mages, because it lasts 6sec, and Net trap against melee because it has a short cooldown.

    Even if the 4% crit chance doesn't work, you still need it for the +50% crit damage.



    Shockwave has too small aoe for it to work with this build where u really have to stay behind in any pvp fight. Because inspire scales with CHA it's not worth taking it and using up our memory which is limited. I use the armor which u can craft from normal processed leather, but I think the armor from leather from tubs should be the best one for now as it has the smallest evasion debuff from all of them. Even if the 4% crit doesnt show up in the stats it should work and if it doesnt it's not a problem because we really dont have anything else to spend that 1(or 5?) point at in recompensation that would make a big difference.


    WoP Silence doesn't have any sense here because bow spells are skillshots and we always try to stick the furthest away from our opponent, WoP Stun gives a great opportunity to burst out opponent on a stun with all of our spells because of the range it has and isn't a skillshot. I personally changed Net Trap to WoP Kill because I found out that I lack the finishing blow before enemy can heal with bandage after the stun is over but haven't tested it yet in pvp. With that setup u should be able to oneshot any mage in the duration of the WoP Stun's stun.

  • Content Creator

    @Maras "Because inspire scales with CHA it's not worth taking it" wait, how is it not worth it if it scales with CHA and you have 18 CHA in this build? (as you mentioned at the 1st post). Did you change the CHA points for something else? And you should have 2 memory points left anywait with 10 INT (20 points) + 2 INT points you took from the talents (4 more points) for a total of 24 memory points...

    I also noticed that frenzy scales with CON and the bonus is huge. I am thinking about changing the 18 ponits CHA for CON...


    @ELPerro said in Maras' Build Library:

    @Maras "Because inspire scales with CHA it's not worth taking it" wait, how is it not worth it if it scales with CHA and you have 18 CHA in this build? (as you mentioned at the 1st post). Did you change the CHA points for something else? And you should have 2 memory points left anywait with 10 INT (20 points) + 2 INT points you took from the talents (4 more points) for a total of 24 memory points...

    I also noticed that frenzy scales with CON and the bonus is huge. I am thinking about changing the 18 ponits CHA for CON...

    Max Skills are determined by: 10+INT.

    Only base INT score matters in determining the max skills able to be memorized. Increasing INT with enchants or talents will not affect it.

    EDIT: apparently they will fix this 🙂



    Yeah my bad, even I forgot that I have 18 CHA.

    I guess I took CHA over CON for that bonus luck?

    I've seen the frenzy scaling with con is really really good and might consider rerolling as well, we will see how it goes.

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