A few Q's before dropping $100


    I'd love to jump into the Alpha tomorrow but just watched a few videos on YouTube. SO MANY aspects of the game look great... but ...

    The combat looks like you stand for 4 - 5 minutes next to a mob or PC just whacking each other until one dies. I don't see any dodging, animations of the enemy you can read to block or dodge, range, etc.. Is that all there is? I was ready to fork over the $ until I saw those videos.

    Any thoughts? Am I wrong? (I hope I am, lol)

    Also... how long will this session last? Is it 3 days, 3 weeks? 3 months?




    I tried to edit but it won't let me - time limit.

    I did some more research and saw that the video I watched at first was just lame, and the combat is much better than it showed.

    I DO still wonder about how long the test phase is... Bueller?


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    @Znick The upcoming test phase is going to last at least a month.

    As for the combat, the plan is to make practically every ability a skillshot, so aiming and positioning will matter. 😉 A while back the devs also considered adding manual blocking/parrying, but I have no news on that.


    @Specter Thanks much!


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