What is your biggest want in this game?


    I was thinking about this last night. I would like to see them work in boats and ocean encounters. Like whaling and fishing. In time of course but I think that would be neat.
    Just a thought . I don't know.


    i'm just looking for good, epic pvp action, no matter where or with/against whom πŸ™‚

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    Real MMO, group content.
    Hard shit that is not made to be defeated, but can be. (world bosses with like 3 billion EXP that the community just whales on for 3 days straight to kill kinda thing.)


    @Oxfurd Some form of Fast travel. Maybe not to the extent of Rune-books etc.. Something that would allow the ability to travel without much limitation. "Rune Gates" for example maybe 2 on each side of each continent. This is a must if resources are to be separated by continent and only gatherable on each.

  • Im looking for a experience where teams/guilds matter,playing experience matters hoping for a big skillcap in pvp where 2 players could outplay 5 for example. Where guilds can control areas or servers and if the other guild dont agree with that they make war against them hoping that high gear values alot and in war if you lose it it hurts. Hope the game is hard and has longevity


    Rats.... more specifically ones that are undead and only consist of a skeleton, dark energy and the desire to rip apart my enemies.


    From "planned release" stuff (that i know of): Guild content, despite not using mic, my interest in a game usually dies with lack of the "community feel". For last 10ish years, Ive usually been in some form of "officer/leader" position, be it actual officer/leader or just recruiter, so the whole community building thing is pretty much engraved in my MMO-brain (to a point where i sometimes enjoy building the community more than the game)

    As for the for future...hmm...ocean stuff with bosses would be cool OR mass PvE content, something like New Worlds Invasions except less instance-y and more dynamic would be cool. Since Fractured loves debuffs and curses, if players on some part of the map fail to fight back the AI "invasion", that part of the map could get a debuff that at the same time would serve as a buff for other races, for example triple the staying time for Demons, expand the PvP area on Arborea or similar.

    Would add interesting dynamic and it can fit all the planets, even Arborea as it would be PvE (unless you lose).

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    Unpredictable fights while doing quests


    No RNG. πŸ™‚


    Not this strict one, but Roleplay on sight.
    In MMOs i do not like hours long roleplay plots leaded by a master.
    But i am hoping for much lore related roleplaying. Not just the about the lore of the game, but the community generated stories.

    And for this reason i wish to have β€žtoolsβ€œ ingame.
    My wishes going from wanting writable path signs till writable paper/books.
    Ahhh and sitting on chairs, benches and ground.... of course, it's not role-playing if you don't sit by the fire and talk fancy. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    Oh my Goth, i almost forgot Shrooffeeβ„’ 😱


    I think that boats would be an interesting idea. I would say that I think that there might need to be more islands surrounding the larger land mass.


    Diverse options for player-generated content and true emergent gameplay.


    Id really like a game that has a good gameplay time, where it dosn't become boring quickly.

  • @Oxfurd said in What is your biggest want in this game?:

    I was thinking about this last night. I would like to see them work in boats and ocean encounters. Like whaling and fishing. In time of course but I think that would be neat.
    Just a thought . I don't know.

    I would definitely second this!

    I love ocean exploration and travel. I've always enjoyed finding new/interesting routes and transporting goods, and people.


    • Good Lore.
    • Good PvE.
    • Good crafting.
    • Good RNG.
    • Good level of interaction Player-World-NPC.
    • No Macro-transactions and lootboxes.
    • No Paywalls.


    i just want to enjoy myself with my town. i would not join any pvp (i find that boring) or big 3 day battles against monsters (perhaps not boring, but not practical either). i am so not competitive.


    Well what i want is hardcore.

    Player coalition and friendly fire so we don't get mindless zergs. I want to se strategy and planning in pvp.

    I want a deep crafting system to the extent that give or take 30% of the player base dose noting but craft and gather full time. I want no going back points so if i want to go crafting I will be better then some at it but less good at combat then a player that focus on that.

    We will have respecs but i want it so you have to go to a specific place to to it or have to do a quest.

    And the last thing is that I want it to be hard to keep a city. like it will need X amount of recourse every week to not degrade. And that amount equals attest 5+ full time gatherers (for a big city).


    I'd really like a key, lol. I spent almost $300 on Crowfall in... 2016... and the game isn't out yet. (and what I've played I've disliked) So I told myself I'd never pre-pay for a game again.

    So I'd like a key, lol. It'd only take an hour and I'd know if I should pull out me cc.



    I want a really engaging open game. If I want to PVE, I can roam around and explore new places, kill some mobs, craft some potions, stitch together some armour and bang some iron on anvils for an hour or two. If I want to poke someone in the eye, I can find some not-so-nice people somewhere to stab repeatedly... and hopefully do all these things with a bunch of peeps who want to do some similar things.

    Give me some solid, reliable and permanent systems then sprinkle some variance and randomness in there so that we can all experience a feeling of pseudo-change to ourselves and our environment.

    TL;DR: Make crafting great again!


    1. Deep, flexible, vers. char. development system for interesting "experiments".
    2. "Live" world (more or less);NOT ONLY players should try to "polish" and rule this world; dif. racial factions, monsters, npc guilds, cults, gods(and their champions, avatars) etc. also can be involved in dif. events(wars between npc/organizations, player hunting/robbery/assasinations, traveling masters, vendors, crafters, mercenaries, animal and monsters migrations, cities and villages siege etc.
    3. wardrobe system+authentic/medieval outward appearance for armor and weapon
    4. Good animations
    5. Armor balance - Medium/light armor could provide similar defensive capabilities as plate, BUT only In certain conditions(character specialization, buffs, equiped weapon etc.-its more active/evasion type defence style, while plate -more static/mitigation/STR oriented style+better in combo with shield ex.)
    6. Display first, second, ranged weapon and haversack
    7. Many dif. weapon(exotic also)

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