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    Heya gang! I'm quite new to the whole MMORPG thing, so my toons for these tests are just one each of the default mage & fighter bc messing with them feels unpredictably frightening for me 😵

    If you are what I've seen called a 'min-maxer' or you've done something creative with your build and want to talk about how that played out IN GAME during the upcoming test, I'd be all ears and you'd be really helping me learn for the next time. Thanks in advance y'all!


    A very nice person was talking about his Gladiator Quarterstaff Fighter build and gave me some starting stats: Per19 Dex19 Str19 Con12

    I tried to replicate that, but the first 3 stats only go to 18. What did I miss?


    18 is max at the creation, the person probably enchantet the stats to 19 or even more

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    As @Shivashanti pointed out, 18 is the maximum in a single stat during creation for humans. You can get additional points by:

    • 2 points: enchantment
    • 2 points: talent tree

    For a total of 22 points possible. You won't be able to achieve that in every stat.

    I hope that helps,

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