Fractured MMO - Builds Manager (ESP/SPA)

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    Hi dogs!

    here my second video and my first video (in spanish) as official content creator! This time sharing a small tool to create, manage and track your own builds (actually a crappy excel 😬).

    Any tips or critics are very welcomed!


    El Perro


    I thought the video was really good conceptually, overtime I would love to see the tool being built upon and it calculating the stats accordingly, being able to select skills and changing which monsters give you them, etc. The quality of the video was crisp and your speech was well to the point. Keep up the content! Que tengas un buen dia amigo.

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    @SiegeHeart thanks a lot man! happy to see it was usefull for someone. It is still very basic as it is just a concept, an idea. As long as we get closer to the release i would like to create a better file/tool considering more details. Maybe even create a data base of the skills, etc.

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