My Gripes About the City System

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    Gripes about the city system in the CURRENT alpha(yes I know this is not a finished feature).

    Currently the cities are the main "event" of this test. I was extremely excited for the addition of the cities but was devastated to see what they actually were.

    Enemy players running through player cities looting chests that cannot have their permissions adjusted to stop random looting.

    Enemy players that can sit in the middle of YOUR city, utilizing your bank and inn in order to PREPARE TO KILL YOU when you leave YOUR city. There is no option to bar them entry or kill them if they trespass.

    The removal of tanning beds from houses that now need to be placed in cities to be looted by citizens. You need to PRAY no one messes with your tanning beds for 16 hours. No longer can you have private tanning beds.

    This has been a SEVERE blow to the quality of the game in my opinion. I understand the city system is not finalized. I am just making a statement about the way the city system currently impacts the game for me.

    Players should be considered "trespassers" if they are entering a city that has a rule set to keep them out. This should make them open to attacks from the citizens of these cities.

    Question: Are there any plans to provide players with the option to set their city to GUILD ONLY to keep all non guild members out of the city?


    @Nekrage good points! 👍
    i have similar issues... but as 'free city' i cant use guild startegy as such, they are allowed in my city. therefore a better apporach is needed . tanning beds city wide used is ok. but only the one putting his stuff in should be able to retrieve it. (or at least have a timelock for retrieval (something like x hours after finished. after that its free to take. )
    there should be a distinct visual for townpeople and non-townpeople. like "press Alt and they light up" (as if you recognise them)
    and city used stuff should only be accessible by default for city people. stealing other peoples stuff gives a good reason to kick someone.


    Is more content going to be added during the next couple weeks regarding cities? Not that I'm complaining too much as I know this is just testing the basics of city building out and the like, but increasing the amount of things we can do in a city would help this phase of the testing if the goal in test 3 is to in effect try out the city system...

  • In my opinion a city is the product of effective division of labour.
    Meaning someone does the tanning, someone does the smithing and so on,
    not everyone doing everything.
    At this moment I do not see a real reason to have a house in a city besides the crafting stations and the extra slots from the bank
    It could just be replaced with a gigantic storage space with all crafting stations around.
    the tannerys feel more like a hassle since you need to build more of them in the town just so you can have more tanning processes running.
    I would rather have the option to extend the outside space of the tannery to a size 4 times of what it is now.
    Maybe make it a user/guild run crafting house that provides the service of tanning at a pricepoint, where citizen and non citizen can order to have leather made, while also giving it a much larger area.

    Overall I believe there needs to be a space for guilds inside the city system to operate in some way and make a division of labour possible in a way

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