[FRAC-2055] Item Enchantments not applying to character stats


    I've enchanted my wolf amulet twice - once with Bonus Endurance and once with Endurance Regen.

    My character's endurance before the item was equipped was 1450 endurance - after equipping the amulet with +150 endurance, the stat was still 1450 endurance.

    Un-equipping all gear and re-equipping them shows no change to the character stats on the character page (C).

    Im also unsure if any bonus stats from the Talent trees are being applied correctly either



    I've also enchanted a Scholar's Clothes (Spider Silk chest piece) with +100% Durability, +30 Fortitude, +60 Evasion, +80 Poison Resistance --- none of these enchantments reflect on the character stats page.

    Note:The non-enchanted chest piece gives +30 Evasion as a base stat -- this is the only stat that changes on the character page when the chest is taken on/off.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Fixed in va223n

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