Fun with housing


    As you can see from Maze's bug report, here we've been doing some testing of city plots in town, making for some really interesting visuals.


    Here we built a house that overlapped our bank.


    Here I am drowning because the water texture persists inside the house after I built it. You can actually build quite a bit out in the water.

    can't reach.PNG

    Here's about the limit, I couldn't place the stone into those 2 furthest pilasters.

    So I replaced it just slightly more inside, this is the limit of where you can build to in the water though.


    I also took some video, to show how the water texture works in the house, I'd really like to be able to build out into the water, but the homes should be raised on piers or something so as not to flood.

    You may want to consider upping the spawn timers, during test phases. I have already built several buildings and houses, but could have done a lot more building and testing if I didn't have to walk so much for resources. I think during a test phase, we should have everything sped up quite a bit from actual gameplay, and also slow down the timer on decay for things. Not everyone is going to build a house, or several, and destroy them to build another to test out the city plots and issues with them if it takes as long as it does currently.


    Hmmm... looks like you can use that for a new Business Model - "Experience fanzy kinds of Hotels!" 😂

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Fixed in v.a.2.3.3o

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