Day 3 a lot of bugs.


    1.- Material forbuilding, not added the first time, added only the second time.

    2.- Very big problems with collecting loot. Large monsters, after death, close smaller ones. Small ones also overlap.

    ![0_1595633726945_image_2020-07-25_00-10-53.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    3.- Interaction with objects in the corners of the house does not work.

    4.- Monsters continue to attack the fallen character.

    5.- The character continues to strike into the void after the death of the monster. He will do it himself. It will do this endlessly. No button is pressed.

    6.- The poles hang in the air.

    7.- If the cart is so that its handles are blocked, then the character's path finding does not work.

    8.- Finding the path to the chests is broken. The character does not go to the chests.

    9.- Finding the way to the entrance of the house is broken.

    10.- Periodically, the character does not correctly respond to a mouse click and stops in the place of that to go.

    11.- The distance from which the cart can be loaded looks too long

    12.- The character walks through the air, stones are hanging in the air.

    13.- Moving objects from the street to the house is difficult.

    14.- The logs are hanging in the air.

    15.- For no apparent reason, when crossing a road, endurance has significantly decreased.

    ![0_1595633827246_image_2020-07-24_23-02-38.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    16.- Various bugs of the enchant table. Dual display of item properties.

    The server has problems with the parser. Therefore screenshots are not displayed. Server message - "The image parser on the forum has stopped working. Throws an error when placing an image."

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