Question on the scope of Alpha 2 Test 3


    I know the focus was on player driven towns in this test. I personally enjoy where the towns are at on this test but personally, between building a house and helping build town structures, and character creation testing, and creature/item/exploration I will be mostly complete with what I believe is the bulk of the content in this test over the weekend.
    Considering this test is going on for a month, are there plans to introduce additional town related content? I.E. NPCs, more buildings etc? Even if items like resources aren't available, testing that we can interact with NPCs and other tables/buildings?

    Just looking to see if there is any specific path you might be able to share with us in this test phase because as I understand it, Beta 1 is the next time the general user base will be given a chance to explore more of the Fractured build.


    @th3mistocles Here is an update from Specter talking about the next test phase, this was on the discord so it may have been hard to catch. link text


    Thanks, this answers things. I was a bit worried they were going to push a lot of new things in to beta without trying them. Ambitious yes but I had a feeling it might come back to bite them unless there was some prior player usage to work out some kinks.

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