A good time for a new Q&A with Oxfurd


    Yo! With the latest alpha in full swing, many questions new and old have been coming up about the game. The last Q&A I saw was about the current alpha with City Management and the Talent Tree, but it didn't cover a lot of things that many of the newer players along with veterens are asking about from fast travel, the misty Vale of Shadows, PVP, bosses, enchanting, social interactions and much more!

    Although Dynamighty are working with all hands on deck, is now a good time to review the first few days of the alpha with patches, reinforce the interest of the players and set out some of the magic still to come - YES! All through the eyes-on-the-prize with Oxfurd!

    There are some pain points for newcomers: no easy way to get unstuck from those impossible situations, unwarranted deaths from starvation and then respawning miles away and losing all your loot, those damn wisps, enchanting not working then working again and pain changing to pleasure with the new items that can be crafted with hints of customisation. A lot of things are working and more things are getting patched to work as bugs get squashed, so how can we keep up the momentum to keep the community engaged?

    What does the future alpha hold for us? Tell us MOAR!

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