Tanning Tubs – Solutions, an Idea or Two


    I really do like the communal tanning tub idea. No one really wants tanning tubs all over their city; it would stink. With that said, here is my idea…

    Each tub would require a key to unlock it. A player would stop off at the town hall and pick up their key and proceed to the tanning tub.

    When the key is picked up a 24 hour counter would start. It only takes 16 hours to process leather and so 24 hours is plenty of time for a player to create their leather and retrieve it.

    A key will automatically return to the town hall and become available to other players again after either the holder removes their leather from the tub, or 24 hours elapses, whichever happens first.

    If after 24 hours elapse and there are items left in the tub they become “Spoiled Leather” and will have to be thrown out. It adds a bit of realism as any hide left too long to process would get ruined. This also prevents players from camping on tubs hoping someone doesn’t show up to claim their leather.

    There could also be a 1 hour lockout timer on a player being able to go back and pick up the same key again. That way if there is a shortage of available tubs they can’t just pull their leather and run and grab the key because they know when it will be showing back up in the town hall.

    I know @Wennid mentioned a Tanner NPC and I think that could even be combined with my idea. Use a key for the public tubs and that of course is free or players could choose to go and pay the Tanner NPC to do it for them. The difference, the NPC costs gold but has a longer time limit for picking up your leather (perhaps 48 hours instead of 24.)

    You could even add on to the NPC idea with things like

    1. You failed to pick up on time now there is a small fine
    2. You are more than a week late your item is now in offsite storage pay a fine and come back in two days.

    Those are my thoughts anyway.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    I can see where you're coming from when just looking at the game in it's test state where everything is being crafted by everyone right now since we lack larger production chains.
    Looking at resource nodes being spread around and how trade will be an important thing, I'm not sure a tanning tub public service or NPC is needed at all. You would just end up buying the leather products you need from a leatherworker and sell some iron products you made in exchange. So in the long run I don't think we will see every house having a few tanning tubs anymore.

    I wouldn't mind if this is someone's business model though ingame, just don't think it'd be worth developing a feature like this.

    I do like the point of spoiling leather, which just adds to the overall difficulty of leathermaking.



    I'm sure stealing, of any item, leather or not, will be something that will create negative karma. So on the beast world, there will be a lot less of it. The human world will have tech in the city guards that will keep out negative karma (if the governors so set it) on the demon world, I think it's expected that you can either hope to collect your own, or kill someone for theirs and either is acceptable in that ruleset.

    But you're a little stuck on the stealing of one item, there's likely to be a lot of other items in game to come, that people will also steal, either by attacking you and stealing it from you, or breaking into your home and picking the locks on your chests. Trust that the karma system knows this, and the devs will be including the stealing of leather as such an action.

    I don't want them to make it unstealable though, in any way shape or form, I mean, some players really do like to play as thieves... let them. But also let the consequences happen for that. (in otherwords, be patient, I'm sure there will be some evil actions that will create consequences karmically for people who play this way, it's just not in the test phase yet.)


    @StormBug Now there is gold in the game, which is almost useless. If gold could be used to get access to workshops located in the city, this would be an excellent solution to the problem. I play solo and cannot test some aspects of the game due to the fact that the city infrastructure is closed to me. But if I join a city I cannot test a detached house. As a result, I have to build a house, test it, and then leave it and forget about all the efforts and time spent on it and go to the city and test the urban environment. It's pretty hard.

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