When fighting can you made a mode where you cannot click the dead bodies, almost like blocking them out while in active combat, I am just asking this because when you are in a Goblin camp and there are 3 dead goblins and a chief alive it is hard to not click on them making a tab pop open on your display mid fight. Also can you make it where you can stand still when fighting and not move next to where you click, this causes many issues when fighting with others.


    This is a very annoying problem, especially when combined with a few trees and plants, I've started kiting mobs to a "clean area" to avoid this but it is far from being a good solution.


    yeah, same. Fighting and looting/opening the enemies inventory should use different keys ?
    speaking of fighting: I also experienced the problem that when I am too close to the enemy my char won t attack sometimes.
    Regarding pvp: so far counter measures against stun etc are missing


    @Creakish Now all these unpleasant features make me play in a strange way. I have to keep my focus on problems and how to avoid them, not on the game and the pleasure of it.

    I am very worried that these problems will remain after the release. Because of this, I do not want to invest my money in the game, before I see that these problems are solved.

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