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    So I really enjoy previous alpha and idea of towns is great. But lets be honest, we are getting skills by killing monsters. It happens that I joined town far to west. I made an archer, get frenzy from skeles, some skills from goblins, then it appears I have to walk all the way to valley of shadows because that is the only spawn point of goblin archers etc. Time i need to spend to walk down there is just stupid. And lets say I will get there and my weapon broke...I can craft it just in my hometown. What Can I do in that situation? Die? Craft it and walk again? Even if not after farming what I need walking back with loot means loosing 2h again. And "Exploration" got nothing to do with that because its all the same on the way. In my opinion we should have at least option to tp back to hometown with all stuff we got. If not there is crucial need to apply somethink like autowalk between cities otherwise players will quit game just because of that or everyone will be placed in good spots and rest of map will be dead. Im kindly asking to make more spots with each monsters in good locations from all towns.


    I carry a spare, and avoid contact with mobs as much as possible as I travel, but I guess until we get mounts, setting a day for travel and a day to try and get what we came for, to then return is going to be a way of life, it is a big old world out there.


    I faced similar problem. I built a house to the north. This is handy since in the beginning I killed zombies, skeletons and spiders there. But it takes over an hour to reach the goblins in the south. It feels like a very hard walk. But you can survive it, I like the world and it's nice to travel around it. My problem is related to things. If I could put things in any bank in any city and then pick it up in any city, that would solve part of the problem. But I also discovered that when I die, I am not reborn in the last visited city in the south, but in a city in the north. This completely blocks the ability to take things from my body after death.


    Speed buffs for paved roads and the eventual implementations of mounts should help ameliorate some of these issues.

    @Bardikens, among others, recommended scattered inns/taverns along major roads that could be NPC or player run to serve as spawn points for players during arduous, cross-country travels.

    On the other hand, teleportation or global banking are suggestions that would totally undermine the hardcore element of the game. Journeys and long distance travels (even for mob grinding) should be inconvenient, arduous, and prompt players to think twice before making them.

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    I think this is an issue that will automatically resolve itself as more content is added to the game, like mounts to speed travel times or player shops to resupply on your journey.

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