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    The Talent Tree is currently in alpha and a lot of work should be expected-
    I feel the current style of the Talent tree both lacking, unrefined and hard to expand on.

    Talent tree points is capped at 60 and gives you a limited selection of nodes and some of the nodes are much more powerful then others making a "meta" of chooses.
    One of my proposals is to make each node have a cost of points rather then a single point; this would help future balancing with some nodes being strong and others weaker.

    Going down a path
    Inorder to get the "titan fighter" node you need to go down both the PERC and DEX tree.

    This feels restricting and makes me question why the circle node system is even used. I think the Talent Tree needs a lot more flushing out and work~ here are my two options

    to make a more simple talent tree that can be later expanded
    it would feel much more relational to unlock other tree's once you invest 5 points into a tree.
    say you put 5 points into "DEX" then 5 points into "Perc"
    You then unlock a new page "Critical Opening" and so on.

    I'd still rather the current circle tree~ but more of path of exiles like (https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree)
    With tons of micro stats, little nodes that give a small bonus and then major bonus more spread out.
    rather then being able to build off more then 1 direction. I rather see it only being able to start at one of the major starts then.
    with a larger tree, and many more micro nodes we'd see many more personalized builds.

    Another problem i find with the current tree is perc + Int tree. it's just a mage tree and for staffs only. This is one of the reasons I wanted to make the feedback of the talent tree. these branches just feel weird.

    "inevitable" this is a very powerful talent. Any skill basically never misses. I find this might get out of hand with other skills in the future.

    "Swashbuckler" This feels under powered. Mags get power caster while dagger what are already under powered get a chance to avoid armor once 30% of the time. I've been able to hit more damage with spears then with daggers with swashbuckler activated.

    "Martial Artist" + "Master Pugilist" these feel very underpowered in the current meta ontop of it being the weaker version of "Shield breaker" talent

    "Relentless" feels like the better swashbuckler skill. stack attack speed

    "Mongoose Kin" immunity to Poison Statues. I'm not sure why this is a thing. it feels weak as poison can be cursed with Herbal Remedy already....not to mention there is a skill that does this even better.

    "Sage" this is a pretty powerful talent. simply can use 3 focus skills.

    "Power caster" another very good talent for mages. It's a always get for magic users.

    A list of other games with talent trees.
    POE - https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree
    League of Legends - https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Rune


    At first i thought daggers were underpowered. But it turned out the single target crit dps is absolutely ridiculous. Best in the game after testing 5 full character builds. Frenzy mace for AoE.

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