7/31/2020 Group PVP Battles 5v5 and 10V10.


    Morning, Evening, Afternoon all.

    Looking for suggestions and Locations. Now that we are over a week in by this time. We need to test some Group PVP battles. With that said.. lets all think of times and locations moving forward to test some larger scale PVP encounters. NO looting will take place. This will be strictly knock down and leave the fight. PVP encounter engagements

    Who all would be interested what is your group size and locations for this to take place.

    If we get enough feed back. Everyone gear yourself up, Enchant yourself up. And lets all have a dedicated server PVP encounter time to test group battles.

    Post your Militia and times you are considering.

    I am thinking...

    1pm EST
    5pm EST
    8PM EST
    10PM EST

    If interested we need this forum or another topic posted for Times and Names for Organized engagements.

    Wik (In Game)


    I know @Skytea was interested!


    Interesting idea, I will get back to you . (I will see how many in my city are in)

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