[A2.3.3o] Chest duplication bug


    I placed today 2 new wooden chest into my own house.
    I droped some stuff in there and was wondering, that i got an empty chest, when i looked into it again.
    I got at some angles the inventory shown, at other not.
    Then i moved the chest, because i wanted to see, if it is because of the position.
    I got 2 Chests at the same place it seems, because now the chest is doubled.


    The other Chests got also doubled.
    Since it not happened before, i think it is a new bug in actual version.


    woot! BONUS

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    Can confirm. Every chest built has a second chest under it until you move the original.

    This is a new bug that occurred after the patch. That should help narrow down the cause.


    Can also confirm. This also happened to a couple small benches I placed.

    TO Add to this.. Once this happens.. I either have to log out then back in or run out of render range then back into render range in order for the options to open/move/ or delete the duplicated chest to show up.

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