Enchantments 1h weapon + shield vs. 2h weapons


    Hello fellow adventurers,

    there are 4 enchantment slots on one-handed, two-handed weapons and shields. This could lead to balancing problems in the future (1h + shield: 8 enchantments slots vs. 2h: 4 enchantments slots).

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    I currently don't see the problem. 2h has higher Base damage, they are meant to be DPS weapons.
    Shields enchants don't have any damage modifiers on them.


    Maybe it makes sense to think a little further. 2h vs. 2x 1h will be comparable in terms of damage, because otherwise one option is always preferred. If I then use 2 x 1h, I could get double the damage bonus via the current enchantment system. This could create an imbalance.

    I know from other MMOs that this is taken into account.

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