Mostly feedback but maybe it will be considered a bug.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    First of all thanks for all the hard work guys.

    This is my list wich I'll try to describe and want to know what you all think about it:

    1. In woodcrafting table there are diferent types of woods and all of them are working fine for club, quarterstaff and shield but when you swich to shaft making tab for magestaff it wont show any enchants so basically theres no option to get them on advnaced weapon for mage - is it on purpose or just early stage of alpha and it will be implemented further on?

    2)Warriors are still only way if you want to survive or do some pvp - mostly because of the skills that can be stucked that will grant them 800-1.5k dmg each shot so it's still 1 sec fights when somebody knows how to equip and set stats at the begining. Plus the ressistance make them impossible for mage to scratch not mention to kill but I know at this stage it's just a startup.

    1. Second Wind -bug issue I think - It is wrriten that it cant heal large ammount of health it actually healed me for 2800 hp so almost my max isin't it too big? yeah cooldown is 80 seconds so maybe it's last resort save skill.

    2. Window item description stucks many times while draging it from chest to chest or enchanting table and sometimes you need to move the item once more but sometimes you need to logout or the window will be there even when all chests and inventory is closed.

    5)Longbow material use is 1 log and 1 rope and shortbow is 4 logs and 2 ropes I supose it's just cosmetical and need to be swamped (maybe it was fixed today didin't check)

    6)Terrain issues when targeting with range skills/spells It's realy hard sometins to use some spell specialy when theres swarm of mobs you run arround them and then aim your mouse at one and only thing that happen is that it is out of sight or something is blocking the way to fire a shot or spell. Most of this happens because of plant or trees but there are places like Vale of Shadows where it happens just because of terrain hight I think and to fire a fireball or other skill you need to aim couple of times use it.

    That's all for today won't spam you more give your thougths about it and will be very happy for devs to answer some of the issues here.

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