Quarterstaff Stunlock Build Really Is The Most Efficient Melee Build So Far...


    Good morning good people,

    I know someone had made a forum post about this last week but I decided to test and try it myself and...my goodness. Quarterstaff with Shield Breaker on its own is an AoE stunlocking demi-god build with its own internal defense mechanics that completely outshines any other current melee build.

    Now yes, I get it, it's Alpha, but this weapon is seriously good enough to where, there's no need to try any other weapon other than maybe Spear.

    Why QS? Let me give you some background on how I play and what I used beforehand:

    -I always run an evasive disabler/tank build in MMOs that allow it, and will run knife and shield with high CON and DEX/AGI while having some type of offensive mechanic that will allow me to engage DPS and standards Tanks as well as most PvE content. To try it out in this game, I decided to run dagger and shield.

    -As a dagger and shield guy, I ran PER, AGI, and STR..(for armor), and some CON.

    -Even after maxing all the light dmg nodes, the melee nodes, AND the dagger passives...(that are arguably not currently implemented very well), I was only doing..."okay" against most PvE encounters.

    -I then switched it up, ditched the shield, and went to a Quarterstaff build with the same stat distribution....but rerouted the points in Armor and went for Luck instead, (you'll see why in a bit).

    -I picked up Shieldbreaker.

    -With maxed Evasion, almost maxed Accuracy, 23% crit AND the +50% crit dmg node, I run around and AOE STUN THEN CRIT ALMOST EVERYTHING.

    -Most mobs don't get a chance to hit me because they are constantly being stunlocked....unless they are stunning me first.

    -My crits ROUTINELY hit in the 500's. That's AoE. AoE 500 dmg crits that have a major chance to stun.

    -Shieldbreaker seems to add more than 5% passive chance to stun.

    -Your armor really doesn't seem to matter much at this point in the game.

    -LUCK is significantly more important than we take it to be and, (I don't have the numbers testing currently), not only increases Evasion, Accuracy, Debuff Res, AND Crit Chance...but it also seems that LUCK INCREASES YOUR CHANCE TO STUN AS WELL. (I may be wrong on this but after pumping about 300 pts into Luck, my stun game went through the roof).

    -Monsters not being able to hit you means you don't take damage.

    -If they aren't stunned, you dodge them due to high evasion.

    -If you actually take damage, don't worry, you'll be stunning them again soon.


    This build is absolutely ridiculous currently and while I don't think it should be nerfed, I think as Alphas continue, OTHER WEAPONS need to be brought up to its speed and efficiency.

  • I made a table here about how different luck values modify different chances.

    PS: Some mobs (animals, spiders, goblins) have less piercing armor than crushing armor. In that case, spear has faster clear-time and you kill most of them within the two aoe stuns anyway.


    @Razvan Thanks for that table!

    That's awesome info and explains why my crit and stun chance went up.

  • I've been using club and shield and found it to be super effective. I have more survivability on the shield+club, but my biggest problem with it is its cone/hit area. With Quarter Staff however, due to its wider arc, it can hit + stun more mobs, you can still take damage but it's quite durable anyway.

    I guess that's the bit of the trade off. With shield and club, you do a lot of damage and take way less damage, without it you'd also do more damage but you also take a bit of damage.


    Can you post the talent tree for this plz? TY


    @PeachMcD As requested:


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