Denied Nightshade Berries


    Clicking away from a Nightshade Berry Bush on the same frame as it completes (or maybe even the frame before +latency?) gathering will deny you the Nightshade Berries and only give you plant Fibres. It is either that, or I got a drop of 0 Nightshade Berries, which would be complete bullshit, coz i saw black berried specifically on the bush... and like 4 of them? How are we only getting like 1 or sometimes 2 berries per bush? If a 0 Nightshade Drop is possible... well, it shouldn't be...

    P.S. I personally don't like how you get plant fibres from almost all of the small plants now, instead of only flax bushes. I now find myself deleting hundreds of full stacks of plant fibres that i never wanted to collect in the first place, due to the fact that i gather alot.


    Upon further testing, I can run away from the bush even with up to ~5% of the bar incomplete and it will still pick the bush, despite me running before the bar is full. So I am guessing that this is an uncommon bug. Or the unfortunate truth is that it is Possible to get 0 berries from a bush after picking it clean, with 4 berries clearly visible before I laid my hands on it.

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