Why so many plant fibres?


    I remember back in Alpha 1 Test 2, you only got Plant Fibres from Flax bushes and it was bloody wonderful. Now, in Alpha 2 Test 3 (and even Alpha 1 Test 1 if i remember right), you get Plant Fibres from about 2/3 of the 'Small Plants' found around the world of Fractured (currently only Myr). Considering, at best, you need only 2 Ropes (2 Fibres) for a weapon, and maybe need a stack of 100 bandages (5 Linen Weaves or 10 Fibres) every day or two, why do we need so many Fibres? Sure, you need some for a bed, but that is a once off. It isn't hard to find a Flax Bush, because they are littered everywhere. Not to mention, you get around 4 Fibres from a single Flax Bush harvest!!

    This is the results after a single gathering session:
    plant fibre bullcrap.jpg
    The row of plant fibres seperates the items that didn't give plant fibre, to those that did.

    Now with enchanting in the mix, you may find you need to gather say 5 Nightshade Berries to enchant for all of your pieces of gear. In gathering these, you got 7 Plant Fibres. Then you need 3 Milkweed and 4 Lavendar, and 6 Bloodveins. Adding them on, you now have like 23 Plant Fibres. Now you have all the materials to enchant all of your gear that will last u till they break in say, 3 days coz u fight alot. But you also have enough Plant Fibre for a week? and you didn't even gather any flax Bushes...

    Why even have Flax Bushes anymore if you get double to tripple to even ten times the amount of Plant Fibres that you need... without gathering a single one!?!? I got basically 10.5 stacks Plant Fibres without gathering a single Flax Bush and only got, in effect, 7 stacks of useful items I was actually after. Why?


    @Xzait Maybe they plan to use them in more receipes, that we don't have yet ingame.

    But i am with you, with actual possibilities to use that materials, it is in generall too much. Same you have for meat, hides and other common stuff from several creatures.
    As long it is not needed for enchanting, you get so much of it, that you don't know where to drop it, or just leave all stuff unlooted.

    We do not know, for what we will need to use them in future, so it is hard to balance amount of it now. Thats the cause i am waiting till we have full functionality in the game, to decide, if i find it too much.
    Maybe we have to make muuuuch Ropes later on to be able to bonding Specter. 😄

    I agree with you that it doesn't make much sense to have the flax plant specific for the fibres, but to get it in bulk on each gathered plant.
    For some it does not make really sense at all: Why a Dandelion should give me strong Plantfibres to make strong ropes?
    Maybe it helps to restrict plant fibre gathering for plants who really are able to create strong and durable fibres.

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