Game doesnt Load

  • Hey guys im having a little problem after i press the play button on character's selection screen the loading screen freezes a little be and than back to menu with a Connection Loss message, i tryed a few couple times but still doesnt load anyway thanks for attention.


    Sorry to hear this is happening to you too. This is a known bug. I have found that if I'm persistent, and keep exiting and trying again, the 'Loading World' hangup eventually becomes a 'disconnected from server' error back on the assets page, and once that happens, my next attempt almost always gets into the game.

    Honestly, it's a hassle and I hope they'll deal with it soon. I only have an hour or so to play during a day, so if I spend half of that trying to get in, it doesn't leave much time to progress my little toon.

    But it's an alpha. Things are WAY better this time than last time, and the devs are doing lots of fixes every week so <crossing fingers> it's gonna get easier to enjoy as time goes on.


  • I understand and hope the devs fix the fatal glitchs the soon as possible, cant wait to play this game ^^ but it is in alpha yet and this kind of things are expected, anyway thanks for ur time to post here

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