Town bugged

  • This bug happenned to me twice now, and exactly the same way.
    As soon as I enter the town called Necropolis, my ping goes to 1000ms.
    In the town I can't find the city hall, or bank, or any other building with tools, just random houses, and some of them are incomplete. The town has a bunch os pcs standing still at the first house, all of them are there for at least 24hrs.
    Sooner or later I'm disconnect and if I try to relog I get the famous error "your character is already in the world"Anotação 2020-08-10 234921.png.
    Hope you guys can figure out what's going on.

  • Community Manager

    @MadHartz I've freed your character. SpatialOS engineers are already investigating the issue. 😉

  • Just want to note I'm also having this same issue. Had it the other day and now I cannot see half the buildings in town and even more frustrating I cannot logout. Same town BTW. Is there a command line process to logout or do i need to quit and then ask for my character to be logged out for me? Last time it happened I got rolled back completely and had to hoof it across the map again.

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