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    Some people will prefer to build their houses in the country instead of in a town. I am a bit worried about them, because they will need access to towns to get access to advanced crafting tables. So what if someone builds a country house, develops it as much as possible then realizes they need access to an advanced crafting table. Off they go to a town, but that town's mayor has set all the crafting tables in the town residents only. Off they go to another nearby town and its the same thing. Now what is he to do? All his work may have gone to waste as he has to travel far to find someone that allows him access to a crafting table. They give up their plot, try to move to a plot nearer a town that allows access, but get tired of doing everything all over and quit the game.

    Not sure what the solution is, I'm just not sure that restricting advanced crafting tables to towns is the way to go.

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    That scenario is possible I suppose but more likely towns will allow non-resident use with a fee. Cities will eventually have maintenance costs and one way to cover those would be to charge for use of crafting stations. You could also purchase items from the crafters making them in the cities.

    The crafting isn't designed so everyone can make everything even in cities. Advanced crafting stations, resource nodes, and city tech trees haven't been implemented yet so there's a whole other layer to crafting mentioned in the last 2 Q&As.


    I have the best of both worlds, as I am a member of a city and I have my home built out in the country. I started out with a home in town but grew board with the limited size. I collected all of my belongings and placed them in chests at a friends house, got rid of my city house and purchased one in the wilderness.

    If you don't want to be a city member though you can always barter for things you can't make yourself. There is almost always someone around that is willing to make a reasonable trade for almost anything, so living in the wilderness shouldn't be to hard to accomplish.


    Starts to sing.... "Green Acres is the place for meeeeeeeee!"


    you can trade in game. so you find something you can trade.


    Maybe ownership of 2 houses is an option, for increased maintenance fee of course, and perhaps some limitations.

    City crafting fee for non residents is also an option.

    Perhaps, wilderness houses can be limited to 1 advanced craft station, so person owning it can specialise in one thing and do it on the spot. Perhaps some extra price and conditions can be connected with building this as well.

    Having friends is also an option. 😉 You bring your city friend some beer, and he returns the favor.

    And of course all other social / economy mechanics. Trading...

    One person being able to do absolutely everything is always a bad choice.

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