Nheedra (blacksmith) looking for guild


    I'll be playing a Nheedra, who is somewhat perverse. He likes working with metals. So as I understand it, he'll have to go to Syndesia to at least get metals, take the metals back to Arboreus to work with them. Or if it is impossible to have some of the necessary crafting tables on Arboreus, then work with a town on Syndesia to get access to the blacksmith tables.

    I would like my home to be on Arboreus, but would have to travel frequently to Syndesia because of my unusual (blasphemous?) interest in metals.

    So looking for a Beastman guild that would have such a Nheedra. I would usually have some kind of tank build. I could also work as a go between, (diplomat?) between the Beastman guild and a town/guild on Syndesia.

  • You might want to check out Meridian. We are mostly based on Syndesia, but part of our guild will be on Arboreus. We aim for a coastal settlement, which would facilitate trading and you seem like an all-round good fit in our community. 🙂


    Hi @Woode ! I'm planning to be happily Arborean once things get that far, but I've been working with the Meridian guild in this last test and they're a good bunch.

    @Razvan has been esp helpful - stayed up til oh-dark-thirty in Eastern Europe to help me (in Tacoma WA) kill critters & gather skills in the Vale.
    The leadership has a lively sense of humor as well as being open to member ideas.
    You may also want to check in with @LilCassiopeia, who isn't as involved this alpha due to personal stuff coming up, but has worked with Meridian and is planning to run an Arborean city called Duath in future iterations.


    A blacksmith! Just what we need! Glimheim's mercenaries are.. well.. just that! We are a beastmen based guild who will be travelling often between Arboreus and Syndesia, and, if a contract requires it, even Tartoros? Tartoras? whichever and whatever. Our band of mercenaries would not only give you a home amongst brothers and sisters, but we would be able to pay you well for your services as well as give you protection when you're gathering your materials. After all, we protect our own!
    We would all love to see you in our guild!
    sincerely, Glimheim Barrows.


    (Takes off his shirt)

    (Puts on his large black leather apron)

    (Stokes the embers)

    Time to get it on, boys.

    (Raises his large iron hammer and brings out that first primed mithril ingot)

    Hope you brought your A game, cause we don't do "horseshoes" in this forge.


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