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    Hello fellow adventurers,

    Maybe there will be one server per timezone, but it was clearly stated in the past that there will be only one server at the start. This also makes sense from a financial point of view, because servers are expensive.

    If a city is to be conquered, as I understood it, there is a preparation phase and a battle 50 vs 50.

    In which time zone will this battle take place then? Will only huge international guilds be able to protect their city?

    Many greetings

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    @Blectorn In the May 3rd Q&A, Prometheus stated the defenders will be given time slots. Also note the times/days may change as he also mentions that.

    So say the defenders have 24 hours to choose a time slot during the day, during which they want the siege to happen. So let's say that you have a one time slot that is good for the EU, one for the US, and one for for Asia, for China, Japan. And the defenders have the possibility to choose the one they prefer and then three days after the actual siege starts


    Thank you 🙂


    It could be fun if there were some pre-steps you have to do before the actual siege.

    During these pre-steps, that both potential attackers and defenders would take (like pre conflict), the winner of that phase would get to chose the time slot for the actual siege.

    Those pre-steps could be pve and pvp mix. Something fun to do.


    Life is Feudal had Judgment Hour for raiding other settlements. It never worked out because let's face it, if your time slot is 3am you can't pull enough people.

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