• Since the game is knowledge-based, I suggest removing the informations that indicates the skills that are associated with mobs. I think keeping those informations secret and removing the 0-100% will allow knowledge to have a real impact on the game. In general, the more unknown things are, the greater the value of the knowledge will be. Since knowledge is that important, I also suggest the majority of skills to be linked to different mobs so everyone can start equally at launch.



    It is knowledge base in that knowledge acts like XP, not because the knowledge is suppose to be hidden. They can not make a game with hidden "knowledge" because people will post the information they do know on outside websites, which kinda renders keeping it a secret in game obsolete.

  • @Ostaff

    I understand that it act like exp but there's no need to make those infos known by everyone so easily and it could also act like something to fight for. I did not red everything about the end game but I easily see it as a potential reason to fight as a sandboxe game. Something similar to Mortal Online did with all theirs secrets that were kept untold for couples years. I can't say it won't happen but I doubt people are gonna share their discovery in a sandbox kind of game where pvp and city are involved. Imo

  • Wiki Editor

    There are enough people that will share the info (like me) so not much would stay hidden for long. Also, with them letting people in the game before full release automatically dismisses the notion of everyone starting on equal footing since anyone in Alpha/Beta will have knowledge of the game and how it works well before those that weren't in the tests.

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