[Unbroken Gaming] - Recruiting PvPers and Crafters


    Who are we:
    🔸We are UnBroken. A very well established Multi-Gaming community.
    🔸We are mostly English speaking guild in North America.
    🔸We are mostly made up of core players who enjoy playing together.
    🔸We are one of the guild in of Azoth Empire. It consists of various guilds who enjoy playing together and share knowledge.
    🔸We were formerly known as Blackshirts Gaming.

    What is our game plan:
    🔸 Own a large city and make it profitable.
    🔸 We support various styles of play. such as pvp, pve.
    🔸 We encourage crafting and share resources in game.
    🔸 Both Good and Evil Players are welcome.

    What is our overall plan:
    🔸 Our goal is to build a core gaming community focusing on enjoying to play together.
    🔸 Our Motto is "You are just a quest to me."
    🔹 What this means is whatever we do in game is for fun and there is no Misintent.
    🔹 We do not believe in toxicity and hate toxic people and we do not encourage them.
    🔹 Most importantly, We are here to have fun because at the end of the day we are here to play the game.

    Other Games we play:
    🔸 Conqueror's Blade.
    🔹 We have a very strong presence in this game and very well known in NA.
    🔹 We have also won Season 2 - more details about this here - https://conqblade.com/en/news/459-the-conquerors-of-season-ii.
    🔹 Our Official Game Interview - https://conqblade.com/en/news/436-house-profile-blackshirts-en-na.

    What you can expect as a member:
    🔸 Strong leadership who has experience leading the community to victory.
    🔸 Open discussion and participation for all members during any Events
    🔸 Having Fun.

    What is expected of all members:
    🔸 Positive attitude
    🔸 Dependability and initiative
    🔸 Willingness to learn and listen
    🔸 Communication of issues and conflicts
    🔸 We believe in discipline and non toxic behavior.
    🔸 We do not tolerate insubordination.

    Join our game servers below
    🔸 Discord - https://discord.gg/hekRKJ9
    🔸 Guilded - https://www.guilded.gg/r/zzARm7YerE?i=kdKJJya4
    🔸 Guild Profile - https://fracturedmmo.com/guild-profile/id/4552/

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