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    So, I already know some folks are going to have an issue with this; please table it for the moment. I have never done PVP and would like to give it a try but I don’t want to give up PVE. What I want to know is, can we have a PVE character and a PVP alt?

    Like I said I have never done PVP before but I am starting to get really interested. I want to try it out but don’t want to abandon PVE to do so. I know this is Alpha Testing but is this something we can do now; will we be able to do it at game launch?

    @Nekrage ? @Specter ?

    Also, @Nekrage, I know that you have very set ideas on PVP so I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. How do you feel about people that have always preferred PVE having an alt to try out PVP, or just playing one of each?


    Yes, you can have multiple characters on multiple planets (only 1 house plot per planet).

    I am quite sure you are not the only one who will have multiple characters like that.


    Everyone has at least 3 characters, therefore, it is easy to create alts for different purposes. In addition, trying out new things is also always a good thing imo, so yeah, having a PvP alt sounds great.


    Remember that, since you can change your skills and talents, you might not even need another character. Resting at a fireplace and changing your equipment might very well suffice being competitive.


    @StormBug said in PVE and PVP Alts Question:

    ve very set ideas on PVP so I would l

    It is the intention for each player to be able to experience each play style. That is why the devs have given everyone a minimum of 3 character positions to use.


    @StormBug - I'm so sorry you aren't as radical as you thought 🤣 Like a bi-curious person at a PFLAG meeting, you are 'coming out' to general applause 😉 😆

    In fact, the desire to be able to choose &/or switch off between playing styles is (unless I'm reading it totally wrong) a big part Fractured's appeal to those here gathered. Welcome to our gang.

    My personal experience with gaming is that folks who prefer PvE get called a lot of nasty names ('farmer' and 'coward' among the few that aren't explicitly misogynist) so your exploration of PvP would, in most cases, earn you hearty manly slaps on the back, not 'issues' or problems of any sort.


    @PeachMcD said in [PVE and PVP Alts Question]

     folks who prefer PvE get called a lot of nasty names ('farmer' and 'coward' ....

    I figure that I would hear that for wanting to be PVE with a PVP alt and not go strictly PVP. I am glad I am going to get to give PVP a try during testing with an alt. Since I have never done it before I am going to be very bad at it so I had better get some practice in now before everything becomes permanent 🙂


    You kinda "need to PvE" to be efficient in PvP. You can't just go and do purely PvP on your alt.

    In such case your alt will not have all the neccessary skills learned, your spells will be week, you will lack gold, mats for enchants on your gear, and so on.

    You cant do PvP, without doing PvE. 🙂

    You can do the opposite though, if you live on Arboreus, you can do PvE, without doing PvP.

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    Hey @StormBug, thanks for tagging me!

    I 100% support having an alt to PvP with. I think it's a great way to get your feet wet and see what the PvP is all about.

    That's a great way to use an Alt and is exactly what they are designed for. On the other hand I know the Alts won't always be used for the right reasons. There will be players that use Alts to spy on other guilds either by joining their guild on the alt or by simply following the enemy guild's raid/party while being free from attacks rather than following on their main which can be attacked.

    Supporting alts in Fractured certainly places strain on the games competitive scene but I understand that there will be players who use alts for the RIGHT reasons such as the reason you mentioned in this thread. Overall this shouldn't have much of an impact on my guild since we plan to kill everyone that isn't a guild member.

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