How do you feel about the number of towns in the current map?

  • My opinion is that there are way too many towns on the map, way too close to each other and not enough farming spots. Without the ability to steal resources from towns, even on demon planet the zones far away from farming spots will be pretty much safe.



    I always thought the same thing, way too many cities. I mean, this would be ok if we had the player base... but I don't know if we will ever have enough players to fill all those cities on every map on every planet even at release.


    @Razvan Agreed. I appreciate there being more than a handful of towns, but if the town density on Myr will reflect the end result for every continent on every planet... yikes. The numbers should be trimmed a bit.


    I think we might have to know more about how developing this works for them. Perhaps they have considered this as well, but they feel that it would be easier to start with too many, rather than not enough.

    Logically, that would make sense to me. This is probably an issue that we'll have to revisit after the game launches officially. Or much, much further into development.

  • The question is if on each spot must be a town.
    If the spots on the map are only possible towns it isn't that bad I think.

    Maybe we will learn thats better to have lesser, but bigger towns later?
    Then its good that we are pretty free to decide where to place this citys. 🙂


    As @FluffKugel rightly notes, these are potential towns. I know the mechanic isn't fully developed yet, but there's real work in founding and maintaining a town of any size. With serious perks for those who are able.

    As the long game develops, I picture few large cities, some more 'suburbs' and hamlets, and a good number of struggling or failing villages.

  • @FluffKugel
    Another part of the problem is that the big number of (potential) towns pushes for a small number of farming spots. It makes no difference to me if at 0x0y there's a town or empty land.

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