Asteroids, Labyrinth and world Bosses


    During the last Q&A several new informations where posted to asteroids and stuff which are significantly different than what was known before.

    First the link to this section during the last Q&A


    Are flying over a planet for a period of 2 or 3 days and during that time you can create a gate and teleport on it.
    How to create a gate was unfortunatly not explainded. 😞
    You can conquer it (different information than in the wiki!) as a group via teritority controll system function as a raid and that gives you resoucrces or sigils as a reward.
    You get very rare or even uniqe resources only available at the asteroid there.
    Sigils (unique items) will be available which gives bonus to a city or a player and there will only be one type of this item in the whole world!
    If you die you will loose all your gear but thats not that bad in relation to the reward. 😉
    Yes these will be mainly for PvP players but I think the rewards will also get some PvE players into the mix it sounds like fun!
    Asteroids will fly over every planet so everyone can try it and conquer it.


    Labyrinths are another form of late end game content but only planned for an expansion so very far off in the future.
    You enter complete naked 😵 and have to create your gear within the labyrinth with the things you find there!
    Its a dungeon crawler where you can grind down level by level and it will be harder with each level you go down.
    The deeper you go the more rewarding the items you can get. What exactly can be found there was not described in detail just that resources are involved as well.
    The maps are always randomly generated by the system.
    How the system works regarding teleporting out (using scrolls / a spell?) or stuff was not mentioned.
    Once a player dies he will be kicked out of the dungeons so it is kind of hardcore.

    Events and world Boses

    Arboreus will have their own open world PvE events for PvE players. How they are looking and what they are including was not revealed.

    World bosses will be implemented after the next test Fall 2020 Alpha in the vale (skeleton dragon 😮 ) and it includes several phases before you can access the dragon so it will be interesting to try it out. 🙂

    Hopes that new information is usefull since some of the ones availble in the forum are partly outdated.

    Cheers Lil


    @LilCassiopeia said in Asteroids, Labyrinth and world Bosses:

    hat new information is usefull since some of the ones availble in the forum are partly outd

    Thanks for that summary Lil C !!!! 🙂


    Yes, Thanks so much @LilCassiopeia! Sounds like fun stuff. REALLY looking forward to the next test.

  • Labyrinth sounds like something you can do even if you have reached end gear, ... 🙂


    And what is endgame gear? Everyone always seems confused by horizontal growth.


    @Farlander i would assume endgame gear is fully enchanted silk stuff (for clothes) + a weapon fully enchanted with better materials


    @Farlander Vertical and horizontal growth are not and cannot be exclusive. It is very difficult to have zero-lateral in any RPG growth system. It is impossible to have zero height; if you did, it would not be growth.

    Even in the alpha that I played, crafting gear was oblique. The chosen base material (e.g. any of 5+ different leathers) added permanent effects, some of which are just plain better than others. There's also a complicated enchantment system.

    "Endgame" would mean materials to craft armor that has like 80% magic resist or some other really high benefit like that.


    @FibS Exactly my argument. Alot of folks claim toons right out of the box will be competitive with a toon that's been around for a year or so. I've seen people argue that horizontal growth just means something different than what others have. With knowledge growth and equipment bonuses I can see the possibility of large gaps between a fresh character and a developed character. How much I guess we will see.

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