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    So I've taken the leap and upgraded to Legend package, and super excited about the idea of transforming from beastmen into abominations.
    I've been wrestling with the idea of which subrace of beastman to accomplish this with, and decided I want to do a caster damage class Erwydra (hart-kin). However, I have struggled with visualizing exactly what a deer-man abomination would even LOOK like.....and it just occurred to me this morning.
    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the Wendigo.


    @Umbaalo said in Abomination idea:

    s and gentlemen, I present to you: the

    Yup. A wendigo would definitely fall in the category of an Erwydra abomination 🙂


    The wendigo is a part of American aboriginal culture / religion dating back hundreds if not thousands of years. It is a malicious spirit and taboo whose mention draws it to possess people and turn them into cannibalistic zombies, as portrayed in Until Dawn. Many modern tribesmen resent its replacement in popular culture with that zombie-deer thing, which was conceived in the 1970s or so.

    So I say: don't call it that. The deer people are called Erwydra or whatnot, so instead of Wendigo, make up more fantasy babble.

    The human transformation into a Lich is more similar to a proper Wendigo than whatever the deerkin would turn into.


    I wasn't so much saying that it should be called that in game, but my point was the picture would make a good visualization for it. I'm fine with just it being called "Erwydra Abomination", I'd nothing else.

    TL;dr I like the character visual, don't care about the name.


    @Umbaalo It would fit in great with the bone dragon!

    I'm not sure if Abominations will lean into undead territory rather than just demonic, though.


    Maybe something like this?
    Deer Demon?


    @Umbaalo yeah that's pretty-scary

    Tangential rant: Why tf do they have to put FLOWERS in her hair ffs???
    There's nothing pretty or sexy about actual evil, and it just makes me so angry when evil female characters are made 'pretty' instead of HORRIBLY SCARY (I'd bet a million bucks the evil deer-bomination would say the same).

    We're coming to that time of year when guys choose from all kinds of costumes that make them look hideous, and gals choose from all kinds of costumes that make them look...



    @PeachMcD Most real life evil people disguise themselves as pretty, desirable, or righteous things. To represent this, it is common for media to portray evil as attractive.

  • @FibS @Umbaalo If I can just be a monstrous looking deer woman that isn't just a human with ears or generic big tiddy furry, I'll be happy. Doesn't even necessarily have to be "evil" either.
    As long as they don't pull an archeage, I'll consider it a victory.

    the girl here just looks like she's wearing a costume lmao
    Archeage isn't even the worst example of this, most are a lot worse. Almost any mmo that has a beastman race just makes the female look like a human with ears and a tail.


    @ErinOwOErin TERA Online is much worse.

    Here are some Popori:

    And here is an Elin, named in the game files as popori_f (and heavily censored in the US version of the game):

    It may be that partway through development they decided to make Elin a totally different race instead, as the final game presents them as a separate race option on character creation and so far as I know doesn't name them as female Popori in the lore.

    Popori and Elin are fabricated by a nature spirit, so they aren't really the "same species" in biological terms. They're more like castes or classes.

    Still, if we do take them as the "same species", this is easily the most pronounced sexual dimorphism I've seen in an MMO.

    I don't think we'll have this problem in Fractured. If either sex of deer becomes a hot Baphomet sex idol as a demon, I believe both will.


    Personally, I'm very interested in having something grotesque/horrifying. Would prefer to have animal head or face. Hard to find anything that doesn't make the concepts I like look as though it's some form of undead monster. Maybe something like this, but with mange instead of bones on chest area.alt text


    @Umbaalo I really love that. It looks really evil and gnarly. Mange definitely helps! And those claw/hooves are f'in SCARY, d00d. 👍 😱
    @FibS - I hear ya, but for gaming purposes, the folks who want to be evil probably also want to LOOK evil. They might have a 'glamour' they can use to fool folks, but that wouldn't be their base look.
    And your excellent point doesn't explain why it is that it's the female costumes that seem to default to sexualized versions (hint: marketing theory does)


    I don't really care what they are called. The Wendigo looks pretty sweet to me.


    Agreed. I think that even a slightly undead-ish look to them would be fitting, especially to those who are going into necromancy. Considering most players would want this abomination/race combo to be some form of caster, something looking similar to a lich would be fitting.


    @PeachMcD said in Abomination idea:

    And your excellent point doesn't explain why it is that it's the female costumes that seem to default to sexualized versions (hint: marketing theory does)

    You are projecting your idea of what "sexualized" means.

    I'm a furry artist. Half of everyone I have spoken to in the last five months would love to get wrecked by those werecat dudes.



    More than likely, its cause majority of the developers are men and gamers are mostly male neets, weebs and social recluses. Thus, the best selling practices are to sexualize the females. Basic econo 101. 🙂

    Same aspect as to why most the men are overly buffed, machos with dominating looking outfits... that's what the guys want to visualize themselves as being like instead of what they actually have to live with.

  • I thought most dudes like to play as half naked girls because "they don't won't to look at a male butt for hours". 😛


    I alway have half of my characters male and half female just to mix it up.



    Aww.... so what we need is a game that has male, female and hermaphrodite 🙂

    Yes, games do tend to forget that we have a third sex category.

  • That Wendigo looks nice but I don't picture it in the fractured world. A centaur type creature that I'd dig (deer body, mela/female torso, antlers on top). Can you imagine that? Cool, now imagine that you're a "mount" and can give your friends a ride too!

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