Will there be DnD style cross over?


    I under DnD is a trade mark style game but I was wondering if there is any plans of aspects of it. Like more types of play styles. I know a lot of my friends who have been wanting to play this have been wondering if they can have combat style pets, summon creatures, or just steal better.

    On this topic will there be other forms of races that you have been considering? If this question too open ended or too much in the future is there a place we can express ideas for Races, classes, or anything like that?

    If I need to narrow my question please let me know.



    I do believe all the above are supposed to be in the game upon release (combat style pets, summon creatures and stealing) 😄 There will also be bards with their horrible music, necros with their bone fetishes, backstabbing rogues with their love of the shadows, and much much more! Why.. we will even have cute little cuddly teddy bears!!! (Just don't tell them I said that. wink)


    you have like an hours worth of reading on the news page.

  • I suspect the general answer to this question will be "yes", but since D&D and Fractured have a different focus, there can't be much overlapping. The stats and some actions are inspired from D&D, but that's pretty much it.
    If your actual question is "will a person interested in D&D/roleplaying enjoy Fractured?", then the question is most likely yes.


    Dungeons & Dragons is a major influence on most modern fantasy and effectively invented the stat-based supergenre we now know as RPGs.

    I'm quite sure Fractured is intentionally basing itself on D&D, partially because the stats are designed around the number 20, the recurring perfect number of D&D.

    I'm absolutely certain that there will be at least a few summoning spells in the game and that Ultima-style pickpocketing will be a thing. I don't think we will actually have combat pets as equipment-style items, or be able to tame NPC animals as combat allies.


    @Razvan I understand they are focusing on different things. My friends were just hounding me to ask.


    @FibS said in Will there be DnD style cross over?:

    is a major influence on most modern fantasy and effectively invented the stat-based supergenre w

    ???? Um... yes we will be able to tame npc animals as combat allies. Its all part of the Taming section of the Talent Tree.


    Thank you! School has been a hand full so I have been out of the loop with this game.


    I've always been a big supporter of asking the questions directly in the forums rather than spending hours searching and reading. It's faster and easier and alot of people on here love to answer those questions lol. Sometimes you will get those ones who will say "can't you search and read". Just ignore those people. 🙂

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    They have at least right now, only got plans for the races as presented in the Roadmap, Beastmen, Humans, and Demons/Angels

    Maybe expansions might add new planets, with new races, but that's in the far future, as they have not given us even a hint to that kind of outcome yet.

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