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    Enchanting has been fun for me.

    I made a full spreadsheet for enchanting; and it's been linked around the community to the point that it became impossible to use at high traffic times.

    Many of the community reached out to me to make their own or to help me with the spreadsheets; Advising, helping, and research.
    And now a final product has come about that I can get behind @Ostaff 's Enchanting Helper.

    Why is this all important?
    In my research to collecting items, writing down reagents, scanning over aspects and seeing more items will be added each patch.
    #1 There will be duplicated reagent aspects values at some point.
    #2 There will always be "these items are the best way to get tier X enchant" with no point in throwing in other items.
    #3 With Enchanting helpers you'll know what items you'll need for the best outcome.

    The more items that come out this wont change, and enchanting becomes stagnate.

    My hopes.
    Enchanting needs to change, keeping current aspects system in place.
    add bonus and/or negative stat to Reagent items.

    ideally - example's:

    Fox tail -
    [when enchanted onto any armor {+1 armor}]

    [when enchanted onto gloves {+1 maximum bow damage}]

    Goblin Tongue-
    [Unique: when enchanted onto trinket {-1 willpower, +10 damage to goblins}]

    not everything needs a bonus - ideally bonus would be saved for rare or uncommon items.
    and Unique bonus could only be granted once incase the same items are used a multiply times (ie 5 fox tails +5 def).

    This both adds another variable into enchanting & makes enchanting more interesting.
    You'll have to sort out reagents for their bonus + enchant outcome.
    Adding an item for a bonus might add more enchanting outcomes; making a RNG process.

    again example:
    Enchanting Armor with [Magic Resistance]
    using either:
    1* Antlers, 1* bear claws, 1* Lavender
    The outcome is only [Magic Resistance]
    adding another item would normally make the outcome more
    Example: adding a foxtail into the mix would make the outcome [Magic Resistance], [Endurance Regeneration Bonus], [Mana Regeneration Bonus], & [Shock Resistance]
    Normally there would be no point in doing this; it adds the risk of getting an un-desired enchant.
    But it add risk and reward, opens up a new mid/maxing and a bit more progression.

    You don't need to risk it. but in this case you'd get [Magic Resistance] [1+ Def]

    Item bonus~
    These can range from small stats, have more effect if the item was common, uncommon or rare.
    Example: low grade foxtail, foxtail, High grade foxtail, exotic foxtail.
    Fox tail -
    [when enchanted onto any armor {+1 armor}]
    {exotic} Fox tail -
    [when enchanted onto any armor {+3 armor}]

    a system like this would add worth to high quality ingredients, make it worth grinding out some things, and not just be I need a foxtail...kill 10 foxs and be good.

    What do you guys think?
    any other ideas to that might make enchanting interesting?
    The basic enchanting right now is great, but it will definitely need more.


    I support anything that increases the versatility and complexity of anything related to crafting and enchanting 🙂 I think it would be nice to have a lot more differences added into the materials used in crafting as well. They already have a touch of "different materials give bonus results", but I would like to see the materials used actually effecting the actual base stats of the item being made as well. It's resistances, durability, looks... all being based on the materials used and the ability to mix materials when creating it.. Ie. instead of all direwolf pelts, the ability to mix warg pelts with direwolf and regular leather to create a piece of chest armor that is different than one made fully with one type of pelt, and for each of those materials not to have just a bonus "+% frost resistance" but a "+/- slash", "+/- crush", "+/- pierce" etc.

    I definitely like the idea of mixing in negatives with positives so that you have to mix materials to even out the negatives, and the same would go for the reagents as well. The easier an item is to get, I believe the more negatives it should have.

    A great example of this is the crafting system used in The Saga of Ryzom that came out in 2004 and is now known only as Ryzom. It literally has the best crafting system I have ever seen in any MMORPG, and its the main reason that the mmo has retained much of its player base. It crafting system is just unparalleled to any other system out there, and is almost impossible for two crafters to make the exact same item.


    I would like if special combinations gives extras to the enchanting, like a roll on luck to get a chance for a higher value.
    Special combinations could be

    • only flowers/plants/shrooms/animal parts/creature parts...
    • only magical/physical bonusses activated
    • only Arboreus/Syndesia/Tartaros materials
    • ...

    As for your ( @maze ) grades of materials, I would like if we would find different grades of same material.
    Maybe depending on how you killed your creature:

    • if you hunt animals with a bow, you make little holes on the Furs but not that much, so that your chance for a high grade tail is quite high
    • but if you use the magican fireball, the foxtail will be likely burned down, just if you are lucky, you get at least a low grade foxtail.

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