City map and names, choices, etc.


    Are there plans to improve the City map listing? Right now, it's scroll around the map clicking and dragging the mouse and clicking on each town, until you find the name? Like maybe a name above each city and being able to zoom out?
    Once you do click on it, all it shows is the city name, governor and citizens. What about also including a brief description of the town? Like if the town is free, PVP oriented or PVE or both, etc.

    Just curious. I know this is early alpha still so, no expectations of everything being polished.



    Having titles show for the cities would be a nice addition. Cities are not actually PvP, PvE or both oriented... that is strictly dependent upon the planet they are on. All Tartaros cities are PvP, all Syndesia cities are Both, and all Arboreus cities are PvE, however, they could add a place for the governor of the city to enter in a comment to describe their ideas and goals for the city, and that would be a useful feature for a lot of people I am sure.


    Why not show an image.


    @Scortch said in City map and names, choices, etc.:

    (...) Like maybe a name above each city and being able to zoom out? (...)

    You could actually do that yourself if you're familiar with AJAX, HTML and CSS. Then again, I'm not sure how @Prometheus would react to people polling the server via a script. Do you have any information on their stance towards that @Specter?

    As for the developers putting effort into the map, I thought it was supposed to be sort of a 'placeholder' for testing purpose only? Is that web interface meant to make it into the final game? Is there even any benefit to having such a map in the final game? A big part of Fractured is supposed to be exploration, isn't it, so changing city ownership/government type/resource nodes and the like would be an incentive to explore the region again and to exchange information.


    Hopefully there is a mapping tool once the game releases, either ingame or third party. I didn't run UO without UO Mapper.


    @Ostaff Thanks. Kinda what I meant was if it was a PVP or Neutral planet, if the City offered protection, I guess is a better way of putting it. Sorry, I'm still learning the dynamics of the game.


    @Farlander Ahhh man, I remember beta testing UO 🙂 UO Mapper was killer. Played it for a few years, until Everquest came out, which I also beta tested.


    Some city information on maps would be nice.

    But I would personaly like the most if you only got this information after discovering the city, and further infomation about city only after gaining knowledge about the city.

    City name, after discovering city.
    City details, after gaining more knowledge about the city, through further effort.

    After this, that info (what ever you got) is shown on map for you.



    Sadly I don't think that will ever happen. For starters, that city claiming map is not tied to the game. Second, its kinda hard to join cities if you don't know that they can be joined 🙂 and lastly... information will never be hidden for long cause as soon as someone finds it, it will be put into a wiki/(similiar content) and no longer unknown by everyone. Games with hidden information only has hidden information from those that choose to never go anywhere but inside the game, and in regards to a MMO.. that will mean that you are left in the dust well well well behind everyone else. And in a PvP setting, that means you aren't going to be having any fun at all.


    @Gothix There has to be a way that people could find out about cities in the game, before they actually discovered it. Maybe some sort of Hitchhiker's Guide to the World 🙂

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