Just some discussion questions to ponder


    Haven't created a topic in a bit. This is just a question to ponder for a bit should there be a long-distance group travel spell probably found later on in the game with a high ass cool downtime


    When Demons Attack the humans will the portals be at predesignated spots or will they be randomized if randomized how do you coordinate the attacks and if predesignated why don't the humans just go and siege the tower?



    @dj35 Odds are what ever is given now is subject to change since we still have not gotten to play as demons.


    Just my thoughts on the “demons attacking the Humans”:

    I think the portal locations should be random, else humans could just camp the ports locations. I am assuming it won’t be a secret when the gates open allow the demons in to the human world.

    In my opinion, the portal locations should be randomized. And a limited (2-4) number of demons should be able to ‘group’ and teleport together winding up in the same location on Syndesia.

    Allowing a whole guild to jump through the same portal would not be optimal. It would give the demons an over stated advantage over the humans especially if their random portal node was located right next to a city.

    There should be some confusion and logistics required by the demons to organize once they hit Syndesia. They are coming from a different world after all. However, by allowing small groups to travel to the same portal node on Syndesia will even the playing grills on both sides. A single demon won’t just be picked off by the humans as he is looking for his raiding group, allowing some durability of the demons but not overly so upon landing.


    If I remember correctly... I think the demon portals are actually in set locations. Rather they will randomly choose which location actually opens up, I do not know but they probably will. Also, I expect all the incursions to have a mass swarm coming with them as they will be done at expected times and only last for so long.

    I doubt we will ever see long range teleportation spells in this game as they have even been shortening our only teleport ability (relocate) already to keep from abuse.


    @Ostaff I think they should announce to the world when people start going through.

  • @Ostaff said in Just some discussion questions to ponder:

    I think the demon portals are actually in set locations. Rather they will randomly choose which location actually opens up,

    This is the most reasonable solution imo. Maybe there could be a great number of possible locations, out of which only 10% are active on a given time. One of the things not being discussed on invasions is that demons will also fight each other. Sooner or later, bigger demon guilds will realize it's more profitable and it takes less effort to camp the portal exit and kill the demons that spawn instead of hunting humans.

    Long distance group teleport should never be a thing. This really just defeats the whole idea of transporting goods = dangerous.


    I really think it should be a significant event for demons to go through the portal and not some random or sneaky thing. The later makes it fun for the demon players and simply frustrating for the human players.

    Regardless, I’m staying out of that mess and happily playing on beast island. 🙂


    Won't matter because with all those players in one location the servers will crash lol.


    @Farlander not if you route it as priority during the event. This means yes other areas would be some what lowered but most servers do it unless they are Google or Microsoft and own like 6 trillion (I am making numbers up. This is not a fact or researched)


    I was joking more than serious. I'm sure server technology is much better than it was during UO days. I remember any event that was happening in UO you could barely move and often got booted. Yet most of us remember then as fun events lol.


    Server technology is much better that it used to be, for sure. Alot can be said though about how many resources a team is willing to put toward a large event (keeping in mind that at a certain point, no amount of infrastructure is going to save a zone or world from crashing if enough players are in one place).
    An example is the Ahn'qiraj gate opening event in World of Warcraft. It was an absolute mess years ago, and even recently with the relaunch of the event in WoW Classic it was slightly better. The team had better servers, and took some of the lessons learned from the original event to do their best to make the event playable (limiting number of players in zone to a few hundred). Even so, there moments of lagging in place for about 10 seconds at a time.
    I know this is an apple to oranges comparison, but I am trying to give an analogy of issues that arise with large player populations in one area will always have an effect, if but a small one.
    With all of the above being said, there is absolutely nothing that I have seen thus far in the Fractured's development to lead me to believe there will latency issues with demon invasions; and I'm extremely excited to see how they are going to implement it!


    @Umbaalo I mean WOW has proven it can be done, so as long as they model don't try and reinvent the wheel we should all be good.


    Several games I play have instanced zones. That way there isn't any overcrowding of one zone. Lag stays low and resources, etc. are manageable. You can always switch instances.

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