List of Bugs found

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Personal Claims:

    • Only claim owner can add members to access list in permissions, and only owner can edit permissions even if another member has co-owner of the Claim
      -Being CO-Owner of a claim does not give you access to edit permissions or add others to the claim
    • Guild access permissions for chests and stations on personal claims does not work. Must set access to friends or public for others to access.

    Minimap Shows green dots, but when you walk over no player is there.

    Cannot transfer clan leadership
    Cannot edit member permissions as officer
    No consul/Co-owner of guild permission

    cannot pick up stone/wood logs near certain plant interactables. Ex: Imagebug1.png

    City housing Plots are not deletable once placed.

    If player has no energy, relog and the no energy debuff will not do anything
    If player gets downed and has no energy he repeatedly gets downed again until character full dies

    Updated 11/6/2020

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