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    Farms should not be in the city. city should have walls and farms should be behind walls, outside of the city.

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    true, i noticed yesterday cities full of farm inside, that's weird. City can farm while i cannot have even a little garden in my house lol

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    @Meziljin agree. it should be opposite. farmlands outside of city should support the city with food. private houses should have a choice what they want to do, maybe they want it to be a farm or a smelter or bakory or little alchemy shop or taloring or skinning shop. and it will be like a little buisness. traders and merchants will be traveling to you with wagons and buy off you all your goods and deliver them to the city. its important that you cannot make like both bakery and farm cos this way you dont need a city, right? cos you will be selling them already ready bread, but that what city supposed to do. But from another hand is important to give single players to have their own little buisness and trade with guilds/cities.

    thats how i see it.

    • PS: you CANT have all production chain in one spot but if you dont like city or you wanna trade with city selling a final product then you can unite with your neighbours, who may have final production.


    Actually private houses are quite useless. I still have problem understand my own role into game, am i a citizen? My city is managed by a guild playing or their own, without involving the others, so i can "steal" from city stores their materials, or help them on my own building some blueprints they left incompleted. I think farmlands, as u said, should be excluded by cities and left to privates who will forage city. A good idea could be implent house blueprints with included fertile soils.

    The lack of role of the private slots is a bad thing, i think a rework could improve greatly the gameplay, i should love to produce my charcoal or my ingots on my own and bring them to city for a fee 😛


    @Meziljin yes, private housing with fertile soil.

    I think every wilderness plot should have enough room for house + ''facility'' so some people will run small tavernas and others will feed the city. Even a smelter could stay near 2-3 wild ores and do some small job. You will need feed an army but you can sell repair kits and arrows (we will have repair kits?).

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