Hand of Unity [HoU] bug list

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Hi - this is the list of bugs that we as guild have gathered during the test. Effort has been taken to remove bugs that have already been fixed/reported - however repetitions may still occur. Conditions to replicate the bug have been stated where possible. Thank you for inviting us to test Dynamight studios - we can't wait what next major alpha test will bring

    Signed, Hand of Unity Guild

    • Triple tapping A while running allows you to mount your horse while running
    • If two or more people capture a horse at the same time - whenever one person succeeds everyone else also gets the horse assuming they started capturing at the same time. This causes the horse to become duped and it has identical stats to all other horses
    • Seemingly - speed of horse is tied to resolution of your monitor. We found out that despite having greater DEX on both character and mount - people who have larger monitors move slower.
    • You can desummon the horse to reset its HP and avoid the 10 second cooldown of horse death penalty
    • If horse is killed while pulling a wagon in motion, your character carries on pulling the wagon despite horse being dead.
    • Some metal weapon effects do not apply
    • Some metal armor effects do not apply
    • Silver weapons do not work on wisps
    • If you select any material for a weapon/armor and then change to make a metal sheet/bolts - you will be able to make metal sheet/bolts out of that material (e.g you can make sheets out of steel when initially couldn't be possible)
    • Guild permission on chests doesn't work
    • Party markers can't be placed by anyone including leader
    • Keybind menu is blank
    • If you have a debuff logging out clears a debuff (including things like necrotic disease - making herbal remedies useless)
    • Some mining nodes cause resources to clip into terrain, preventing them from being picking up
    • Some mining nodes spawn upon each other twice, allowing them to be mined twice each
    • If you drag the same weapon on top of the one you currently have equipped - it dupes the stats including enchants and durabilty,
    • If you unequipped the weapon, sometimes causing you to still have animation of holding it and having the same stats as if you are holding it - allowing combinations such as having a greatsword and shield at the same time
    • Tree logs perch themselves upon stump - not allowing them to be picked up
    • Cooking stuff with your inventory full throws one item into the void before telling you your inventory is full
    • Wargs do not drop any loot inside the vale
    • Sometimes loot description box stays floating if two people loot an item at same time. Can be cleared by hovering over any other item
    • When over encumbered, doesn't allow you to use any workbenches/chests
    • Upon relogging, clears your share dead loot choice in party and guild
    • Hunger doesn't do anything despite being at 0 to some players
    • Tiredness doesn't do anything despite being at 0 to some players
    • No way to make wood pole/wood shaft for some weapons. Those two items also have textures missing
    • Rice item missing textures
    • Fields can be picked unlimited number of times for infinite crop
    • No way to remove used charcoal piles
    • No way to remove a plot once placed (for governor)
    • No way to change citizen permissions
    • Furnace sometimes letting you smelt despite only having 1/5 ore
    • In some nodes - if built over a mob spawn, causing mobs to spawn inside building.
    • Enchantments cancelling already existing effects of weapons. E.g. steel weapons give +36% wep dmg. Upon placing an enchant for extra wep dmg makes weapon give +0% wep dmg. However makes it do same damage as weapon with +36% damage.
    • If you use a talent/item build to increase your max memory, you can create a skillset with that amount of memory and save it, allowing you to learn it in the future even if you do not have enough memory for it upon resetting your talents/bonuses from items that give INT
    • Mobs being able to kill you with melee attack despite you being not next to them
    • Unable to click on mob if they are behind a tree
    • Sometimes makes you cast animation of your spell, but doesnt actually trigger the spell
    • Skewed hitboxes, mob not taking damage despite projectiles clearly hitting them, but does take damage if you fire a few pixels to the right into blank space
    • Potentially unpaid taxes do not destroy your town? More testing needed.
    • All new leather (ghoul and all 3 trolls) only takes 10 seconds inside tanning tub to process - intentional for testing purposes?
    • Sometimes your horse moves at normal pace despite you being over encumbered
    • Mobs get stuck in walls - causing them to be basically invulnerable due to inability to target them (wisp teleport does that a lot)
    • Wrong descriptions on most items in forge. For example - plate armour has description that its all light (apart from boots - which say medium), but when crafted they are all in fact heavy
    • Primitive mace costs more to make in furnace than normal mace?

    If anymore bugs are found they will be reported below after edit

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