Idea for Marketplaces


    My idea consists of 2 elements.
    Carrier pigeon and pulletin boards.

    1. Carrier pigeon: you can craft pigeon house that holds up to 4 pigeon. Every town can have maximum of 1 pigeon house. (large town maybe 2? small 1?)
      1 house can hold maximum of 4 pigeons
      You have to feed them to keep them alive. More pigeons, more resources to keep them alive.

    2. Pulletin board: Every town can build 1 pulletin board. Bulletin boards show other towns you markets quantities and prices.

    To get resource shown at other towns pulletin board you have to send out a pigeon, 1 pigeon can be sent out every 4 hours. If you have 4 pigeons you can update your quantities and prices every hour.


    And maybe have a range how far pigeons can fly. Lets say half of the continent.


    That's a funny idea! As far as I recall there is going to be a patch introducing the option to check the price of goods in different markets globally though in this Alpha. I'm not sure how much the developers would be willing to fiddle with that afterwards.

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