Tanning beds question?


    I am in the starter town and am able to use everything but tanning beds, when I hover over them no icons come up. Am I doing something wrong?



    To properly use a tanning bed.. you must first put on your tanning sunglasses... and then make sure you lay flat inside before closing the lid. Try not to make too many large or jerky movements as you are liable to get burned if you do. 😄

    To properly use a tanning tub, you must place a large sheet of processed animal hide into the tub and let it process there for 16 hours. However; it has been rumored that starter towns have broken tubs due to extraneous usage and are not liable to be maintained or fix as citizens of starter towns seem to be more about adventuring than upkeeping the town.


    The Tanning Tubs at the Starter Town are not supposed to get used.
    It wouldn't make sense at the moment at all, since everyone could just grab your stuff out of them.
    You will need to place the hides and wait 16 hours to get them ready, no chance for you, to prevent someone else is disrupting that.
    Best way to get access to all the stuff, join an already established town or grab 5 friends and some gold and open an own town.

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